Reversing A Tubal Ligation: Low Cost Tubal Reversal

A tubal ligation, also referred to as “tying the tubes”, is a surgery to close the fallopian tubes, but low costs tubal reversals may be successful in reversing the procedure. The fallopian tubes are the pathway from the ovaries to the uterus, and when closed prevent the woman from becoming pregnant.

While tubal ligation is not meant as a short term solution to birth control, major surgery may be successful in reversing the procedure. About one in four women who undergo a tubal ligation choose to reverse the procedure at some point in their lives.

Women who are interested in a low cost tubal reversal are encouraged to speak with an experienced medical professional to determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. A physician will examine the fallopian tubes to determine how the original procedure was performed.

Some of the factors that may go into determining if a patient is a good candidate for this procedure include whether the fallopian tubes were cut or blocked during the initial procedure, how intact the fallopian tubes remain after the original procedure, the health of the fallopian tubes and the patient’s age and general health. More information about one’s candidacy for this procedure may be obtained from a medical professional.

Low cost tubal reversal is performed in a hospital under general anesthetic. This is a major surgical procedure and may require a lengthy recovery period. An overnight stay is usually required, although longer stays may be required in some cases. These procedures typically last around two hours.

Patients are encouraged to discuss microsurgical procedures that involve fewer incisions and a shorter recovery period. Those interested in learning more about these procedures should learn more about their candidacy, the procedure itself, required recovery times and the risks involved.

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Adenomatoid Tumor of Fallopian Tube.
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