Phentermine Without a Prescription

Phentermine is a Schedule IV controlled substance. The use of phentermine and other such drugs is regulated by the government, specifically the DEA. This is because substances in Schedule IV have some potential for dependence and abuse. As a result, taking phentermine diet pills requires adequate supervision and guidance.

According to the federal law, buying phentermine pills requires a valid prescription from a licensed health professional; otherwise, you may be fined and incarcerated. Consult your local physician or the health clinic in your neighborhood. Your physician will be able to give you the prescription and advise you on the proper way to take the medication. Verbal and written prescriptions of substances that are classified as Schedule IV may be renewed up to 5 times in a span of 6 months.

A valid phentermine prescription implies that a genuine doctor-patient relationship must exist, and that the physician must have gotten a complete history and done an adequate physical examination on the patient prior to prescribing the medications. However, not all individuals are able to do so. Some patients, especially those who are quite busy, do not have the time to go to their local physician. Because of this, an increasing number of patients now turn to online consultation services to provide them with the necessary prescription for their medications, including phentermine.

A lot of online pharmacies offer consultation services held over the Internet; some of them even offer the consultation for free. The online physicians then send you a phentermine prescription, which you can fill via the online pharmacy. There are also other websites offering consultation services that are not associated with pharmacies.

Physicians who conduct their consultation online use various ways to examine their patient. Some use online questionnaires or e-mails; other physicians use online chat services. The major advantage to the use of chat is that the physicians are able to talk to the patient in real time, and are able to prescribe the phentermine medications faster.

A number of critics have questioned the legitimacy of this form of consultation. Others have called this form of service unacceptable medical care. However, getting an online prescription remains to be quite popular. This is mainly because of its convenience and cost-effectiveness. Also, online consultations promote privacy, can help the patient retain some anonymity, and put the patient at ease, making the examination much more effective.

If you are buying phentermine online without a prescription, make sure that you or your physician monitors any possible side effects that the medication may have on your body. Consult your doctor immediately if you experience any adverse reactions.

Finally, remember to get your own prescription, whether from your local clinic or an online doctor. Do not borrow someone else’s prescription or take someone else’s drug. Also, do not sell or give your medications to somebody else. Not everybody will require the same amount of drug at the same dose. Doing any of these is dangerous practice, and may get you prosecuted under the state and the federal law.

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