Medical alarm watches for perfect medicine intake times

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Patients and other persons under medication, say in their retirement age, will most of the time require something or someone to remind them of the different times of the day when to take their medicine. This inconvenience has largely been taken care of thanks to medical alarm watches that are programmable to alert the individual of when to take his/her medication. Some drugs are pretty sensitive to the exact time they are to be taken and this is why this kind of watch can be critical.

Many of the persons under a medicine regimen would prefer a non-medical related object to assist with their medicine intake time alerts. This means that a nurse or any other medical attendant will no longer required to assist with the administration of the regimen. Medical alarm watches are not as “medical” as the name suggests. These watches are just tailored to provide this function but in essence they can be used as your everyday favourite wristwatch.

The preferred alert mostly used in the medical alarm watches is vibrations. This is different from the conventional beeps that most alarm watches feature. The vibration alarm is preferred by most since it is discrete. The vibration produced can last up to 20 seconds, which is more than enough for even the least sensitive person. Without causing much attention one can now easily manage his/her medicine intake times. Medical alarm watches are however available with both beep and vibration capabilities. These watches are also suitable for the blind and also the hearing impaired folks.

The medical alarm watches with vibration capability are however not without their drawbacks. Production of the vibrations requires a high performance watch battery. More often than not, these watches use a CR2032 battery, which is a bit larger than conventional watch batteries. This means that we do not have small sized medical alarm watches to especially cater for ladies. The push buttons needed also contribute to the larger size of these watches. These limitations notwithstanding, what is required most is the functionality. As long as the watch assists you then all the rest can be ignored.

Medical alarm watches are not only useful for people under medication; attending doctors stand to benefit from these watches’ functionality too. With the advancement of technology and programming, these watches are capable of helping manage other vital fields such as a patient’s contacts and addresses, the specific conditions they are suffering from, the different types of medication they are to take at different times of the day and so forth.

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Polski: Bateria Litowa CR2032 English: Lithium Battery CR2032.
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