Liposuction For Flabby Upper Arms

One of the best advancements to date in liposuction technology is the invention of microcannulas and tumescent liposuction which allows for procedures to be performed on the upper arm region of the body.

Generally, it is women who choose to have upper arm liposuction because they are unable to remove excess fat in this area through regular diet and exercise. Microcannular tumescent liposuction produces excellent results when used on the upper arms of women.

– The Goal of Upper Arm Liposuction

The primary goal of upper arm liposuction is to reduce the appearance of fat upper arms which often comes with weight gain or simply age. Fatty upper arms generally result in self-conscious feelings in women when they need to wear short sleeved clothing or a bathing suit.

Thankfully, with today’s advanced techniques, upper arms can be contoured and excess fat can be easily removed. This results in much more proportional looking arms and helps to promote self-confidence in the women who undergo the procedure.

– The Upper Arm Surgical Technique

Using the Microcannular tumescent liposuction technique, very small incisions are placed in various places around the arms, and microcannulas are inserted to remove excess fat tissue all the way around the arm.

The goal of the surgery is to remove the excess fat but at the same time to leave a thin layer of residual fat to ensure that the arms remain soft and supple, as would be expected for the arms of a woman.

If all of the fat of the upper arms is removed the woman can end up looking masculine or like she has some from of physical deformity.

– The Anterior Axillary Fat Pads

The anterior axillary fat pads are located in the front of the arm-pit area of the chest. While they are not technically part of the upper arm, they are often enlarged on women as they age and should also be reduced during the procedure.

Fat deposits in this area often bulge when you wear a bra, and if not included in the procedure, often appear out of place next to a newly shaped upper arm.

– The Posterior Axillary Fat Pads

In addition to the anterior axillary fat pads, are the posterior axillary fat pads which are located on the back near the arm-pit area. Just as the anterior axillary fat pads cause unsightly bulging, so do those on the posterior.

These also should also be removed at the time of upper arm liposuction to achieve the best result possible.

– Post-Operative Care

Once your procedure is completed on your upper arms and axillary fat pads, absorbent bandages and compression bandages will be applied to the area. Within 48 hours you should notice that drainage has stopped from the surgical area, and soon there after you will be instructed to remove all bandages.

While any surgical procedure has risks, you can greatly reduce your risks from having upper arm liposuction by working with a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon.

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Liposuction can shape your figure and get rid of stubborn pockets of fat. New techniques can help liposuction many smaller areas of the body such as the upper arm. A San Antonio plastic surgery consultation with an experienced surgeon can give you the guidance you need.


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