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In many parts of the world people eat what they can afford to buy. The choice to become a vegetarian is sometimes based purely on economics. Vegetables, beans, and rice are less costly than meats and invariably get eaten more than meat. However, even where meat is more available and affordable, there are certain cultures that eat meat very sparingly and serve it only as a side dish.

Putting economics aside, people choose to become vegetarians for many reasons. Vegetarian health benefits are more than obvious, and tend to be one of the more popular reasons that people consider when converting to a meatless lifestyle. Regard for animal rights, the environment, religious beliefs and more also play a part in some people’s decision to become vegetarians.

One of the better vegetarian health benefits is weight loss. A normal vegetarian eating plan is loaded with healthy living foods, and will provide you with all the proteins, anti-oxidants and nutrients you need to lose weight, become healthier and gain more energy. It is important, when starting out with a vegetarian plan, to avoid the so called health foods from the supermarket freezer. Many of these products are high in sodium and sugar, and should be avoided.

People are not all the same, neither are vegetarians. There are three basic vegetarian categories. Actually there are subcategories for each, but I will only focus on the three main categories. These are: Lacto Ovo, Lacto and Vegan.

Lacto Ovo is usually the entry level, or first step, taken when adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. No meat is eaten, but you would eat vegetables, plant foods, eggs and dairy. Dairy would include milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. This is a great transition diet because it is more restaurant friendly.

Lacto vegetarians consider eggs animals and do not eat them, and also do not eat meat. That is basically the only difference between Lacto Ovo and Lacto vegetarians. Milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream are also acceptable.

The Vegan diet is the most disciplined of the three main vegetarian categories. Vegans eat no meat, no animal proteins and no animal by-products. Vegans eat only fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, seeds and nuts. When following a vegan diet you also have to also have to avoid mass produced foods that are made with animal proteins. Reading labels and finding vegan-friendly products is a necessity for this type diet.

As you can see, there are many vegetarian health benefits and many reasons to become a vegetarian. Whether you are interested in weight loss, becoming healthier, or protecting animals and the environment, knowing where to begin can be confusing. Visit my website and see the best vegetarian plan for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

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