Clobenzorex: Appetite Suppressant

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Not everyone plays by the same rules. That is especially true when it comes to pharmaceutical products and international boundaries. Prescription drugs that are legal in some countries may be banned in others. The weight loss drug Clobenzorex is a well-known appetite suppressant in places like Mexico, but the United States does not allow the drug to be sold within its borders. Here is a closer look at this drug.

Ingredient at a Glance

Clobenzorex is an appetite-suppressing substance which the human body readily converts to amphetamine.

Ingredients in Focus

Clobenzorex’ amphetamine precursor function should immediately tip off potential users about the drug’s downsides. This substance has been banned in America partly because its potent nature has led to abuse among athletes (in doping). While it may function as a powerful appetite suppressant, its ability to cause rather negative side effects seems to outweigh any weight loss benefits it might offer. The drug also does not offer any fat burning support. Clobenzorex seems to have played a role in the death of at least one American.


•    May suppress the appetite


•    Banned in the United States
•    Does not offer any fat burning support
•    Serious negative side effects
•    Precursor to amphetamines

Final Thoughts

Although many dieters face serious struggles when it comes to losing weight, the issue can often be addressed with some simple lifestyle changes. It is essential that dieters find ways to eat healthily and exercise on a daily basis. Tackle these two obstacles and you will be on the right track toward achieving your goals. When it comes to supplementation, dieters need to find a supplement which can increase fat burning potential while also curbing the appetite. Not only is Clobenzorex a potentially harmful, banned substance, but it also offers only one of these necessary benefits. Luckily for dieters there are a number of safe and effective over the counter products which may provide the weight loss support they are in search of.

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