Choosing the Best Home Sauna – Infrared

Infrared saunas are extremely beneficial to your and your physical and mental health. But owning a gym or health club membership might not be up your alley. A great option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of infrared without the hassle of visiting a public sauna is purchasing a home sauna infrared.

There are actually a few different types of infrared saunas available for home use. First are portable folding models for you to sit in with your head outside the sauna. Second are dome or blanket models that you lie underneath for infrared heating action. The third and most popular type is a classic wooden sauna room that resembles the conventional sauna we are used to seeing in health clubs and public pool areas at hotels.

Classic saunas come in pre-constructed segments that snap together. Everything needed for assembly comes in a self-contained kit. They are relatively easy to put together, and it can usually be done in a matter of hours. Home saunas include a wooden bench that runs along one side of the wood-paneled room. The entrance is often a glass door, and depending on model there may be a few glass windows, too. Some models even come with a CD player installed so that people can listen to their favorite music as they relax in their sauna.

Your aesthetic and personal preferences will largely determine the ideal type of home infrared sauna for you. Infrared saunas for one, two, three, and four occupants are the most common size. Just make sure that the dimensions of the bench will be comfortable for you to sit on, and that the height of the sauna will allow you to stand up fully. The type of wood used is also a matter of personal preference. Cedar, hemlock, aspen, and Nordic pine are some of the woods available.

Outlets are also an important consideration in your decision of home sauna. Consider the type of plug it requires to operate. Some sauna models can run on standard 15 amp outlets, but other require specialty 20 amp power outlets. Others even require two 15 amp outlets, so you may need to link to a second outlet with an extension cord. Of course you can always make appropriate adjustments for a small consideration like outlets, but it’s always good to know what you’ll need before your sauna arrives.

The cost of an infrared sauna for your home is another important factor to consider. Your personal budget will be a big determinant in what type of sauna you can comfortably afford. The cost of portable models can be as low as $500. Classic infrared sauna rooms usually cost between $1,000 and $8,000. This, of course, depends on the type of wood used and the dimensions of the sauna.

One final thing you’ll need to know before buying a model is where you’re going to put your sauna once it arrives. It’s very important to measure the room where you plan to place your sauna and map it out on a sheet of grid paper. Make cut-out shapes to represent your sauna and the other furniture in the room (make absolutely sure they are correctly scaled) and move them around to visualize how everything will look in your room once the sauna is there. Make sure to include the location of all electrical outlets in your drawing.

Remember to account for all your personal preferences and lifestyle factors that will affect how you use your sauna. Make sure that the model you buy will be comfortable, and that it will fit your life and the look of your home. Consider power outlets and your budget, and you can’t go wrong in your choice.

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