Carbon Infrared Sauna – Different Models and Its Advantages

Infrared saunas are of different types, based on their size, price and style but there is another factor that distinguishes them, which is the heating element used in the sauna. Infra red sauna is the innovative way of getting healthy and long- lasting benefits of sauna, since it uses infrared radiation to safely and effectively work up a healthy sweat.

Carbon infrared sauna is the one that uses thinner panels to heat faster having a lower surface temperature and are relatively more durable. Carbon infrared sauna produces electromagnetic frequency which penetrates into the human body deeply which is basically due to the fact that it produces a carbon frequency and the human body is also made up of carbon content and the effect is marvelous.

In a carbon infrared sauna, the body is heated without warming the air between the person and the heat source and thus produces an even heating effect. An infrared sauna is better than other types, as either oxygen or nitrogen molecules do not affect it so that the radiation bypasses the air and works directly on the human body.

A carbon infrared sauna has a lower temperature and this helps people to stay in the sauna for a longer period of time, which is in contrast to traditional saunas where people may not feel comfortable after quite some time. To distribute uniform heat, the carbon infrared sauna is outfitted with many thin, flat, carbon fiber panels at different locations. They may also be enclosed in fiberglass for protection and covering.

One more advantage of carbon infrared sauna is that since carbon is flexible, they do not break easily and are ideal for frequent transit. Carbon infrared sauna comes in a flat, wide shape and hence it has a very large surface area. This aspect is vital for a quality infrared sauna heating element.

Carbon infrared sauna panels heat up and offer simple, radiant heat and is far less expensive than other models, say ceramic. In a carbon infrared sauna, the surface temperature is low and hence it is safer and sitting inches from an infra red heating element is perfectly safe and it is only warm to the touch and does not have the risk of getting burned. Carbon infrared sauna heat up faster and are more cost effective to operate. It is not essential that carbon infra red sauna be installed in an enclosed room to work. It could be open in the surrounding air as long as that air is not too cold. Carbon infrared red saunas are by far the most comfortable and best and most effective way to derive the full benefits of infra red sauna.

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