Buy Growth Hormone Australia – The New Drug For Bodybuilders?

Buy Growth Hormone Australia

Synthetic hormones, like Kigtropin and more can boost your muscles and enhance your physique but the side effects can be grim, blood clots, paralysis or even time in prison.

Synthetically produced growth hormones have lately been all the rage among dedicated body builders. For those who have reached a stagnation in their workout the relatively cheap human growth hormones like Kigtropin, most of them produced in China, can seem like a viable solution. HGH replaces or enhances the production of the hormones in the pituitary gland, a growth which slows down in a normal person after puberty. The hormones have a big impact on muscle growth and can help its users sustain a weight loss by preventing the body to turn its carbohydrates into fat. The users have more energy and therefore can work harder in the gym.

The increasing popularity of HGH now is mainly due to two factors. The side effects of steroids, the until now drug of choice, have been well documented and synthetically produced growth hormones produce none of them, such as roid rage or paranoia. The easy availability of human growth hormones is also a factor. Users can now get cheap supplies over the internet, mostly produced on China, and so the drug has hit the mainstream. HGH has been prescribed for some time by doctors as an anti aging material, and famously Sylvester Stallone was fined in a court in Australia in 2007 for the possession of human growth hormones. Buy Growth Hormone Australia

The increase in HGH intake has had some consequences. Without any medical supervision the danger is that most users will use the growth hormones irresponsibly, either taking larger doses than recommended or simply by ignoring the preferred cyclical on/off use of hormones. Obviously the manufacturers and dealers will want its users to purchase and use as much as they can sell them. Add to that some side effects that sustained use of HGH can lead to, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, raised blood sugar level, heart failure and in few cases gigantism, the disproportionate growth of body parts.

Human growth hormone users that purchase the material by illegal means also have no way of knowing the quality of the drugs purchased. Many dealers can be as ignorant as the punters and for manufacturers in China and Russia, for instance, quantity is the key issue not sterile production environment.

Interested health enthusiast are therefore posed with the question whether such a risk is worth taking. Buy Growth Hormone Australia

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