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There is one form of incontinence that remains so shameful in the minds of the sufferers that they are reluctant to even discuss it with their doctors.  Bowel incontinence, the inability to control the passing of a stool, can have devastating affects on a person’s life.  People who have this condition can literally become hermits and never leave home for fear of the embarrassment of an accident in public.  This is very unfortunate because the condition can be treated and there are bowl incontinence products that can provide protection.

This condition is more common in women simply because of the trauma that their bodies go through during child birth.  There are other reasons though and they can affect men as well as women.  Those causes can include, birth defects, inflammatory bowel disease, MS, cancer, damage to the anal sphincter, stroke and diabetes.

Of course there are a couple of causes that are not related directly to a physical ailment controlling the bowels and these causes are what usually result in the elderly being admitted to nursing homes.  The first is a loss of mobility.  If a person has to rely on someone else to move them to the bathroom then they may pass a stool simply because they were physically unable to get to a toilet.  The second cause is a lack of awareness to go which would be associated with reduced cognition illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

Regardless if your bowel incontinence is light, medium or heavy, there are bowel incontinence products that can help you manage the condition.  These products can be worn like normal underwear and will capture the stool and keep it away from the skin.  Additionally, some come with the ability to control odor which solves another embarrassing facet of the condition.

Other bowel incontinence products include protection for your mattress and furniture.  All products are designed for easy use which benefits not only the person with the condition but any care giver that may also be involved.  Your active life doesn’t have to end if you seek treatment and manage the issue.

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