AMA offers free online CPT code searches as well

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes are used in various paperwork as we transition through any healthcare experience. The American Medical Association (AMA) strives to provide you the latest CPT codes to assist you with correct reporting of procedures and services. Each year an annual publication is prepared that makes changes to the tune of significant updates in medical terminology and practice.

The association, through its department of CPT Editorial Research and Development, gives staff support to the process of addition, modification and deletion of CPT codes. The editorial panel comprises 17 members and conducts meetings thrice a year to consider proposals for changes to CPT. It has eleven physicians who are nominated by the National Medical Specialty Societies and approved by the AMA Board of Trustees.

The CPT Advisory Committee supports the panel in its efforts. The advisory committee is made up of representatives of over 100 medical specialty societies and other health care organizations. In order to establish new CPT codes, one can submit a coding request form; the CPT Advisory Committee then reviews the proposed code.

Apart from all these, the AMA comes up with a monthly newsletter, an annual publication, an educational primer, an annual CPT coding symposium, and an online service.

Despite controversy, AMA offers free CPT code searches online. Since February 2002, the association has been offering free searches of its online CPT coding manual. The AMA believes that patients should have as much information as possible when taking health care decisions. No one should put off reporting a condition or symptom to the physician just because of the cost.

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