3 Essential Tips on How to Firm Up Sagging Neck Skin

It is often said that the real age of a person, especially women, can be determined by looking at her neck. Indeed, the skin on one’s neck is a real giveaway, whether one is already aging. The neck, which is really an extension of the face, is oftentimes neglected or overlooked in a person’s skin care regimen.

Do not despair though, there are various ways on how to firm up sagging neck skin. Prevention is always better than cure though. First, do not ignore the skin tissues in your neck because these are very delicate and vulnerable to visible signs of aging. As most skin in your body, the first thing to do is to protect in from sun damage. Excessive exposure in the sun’s damaging rays can bring about a condition known as
‘poikiloderma’ that thins the skin in the neck area and cause pigmentation problems. So shield your neck, which has thinner skin in fact than your face, from sun and make sure that it gets ample protection from ultraviolet or UV rays. This is a very effective tip if you want to learn how to firm up sagging neck skin.

Do not focus on the face alone; the neck needs attention as well to prevent the skin from sagging. Apply generous amount of anti-aging or skin-tightening creams and lotions on the neck and décolleté area as well. This beauty routine will help a lot in firming up the neck skin and reducing signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Applied regularly and diligently, the cream or lotion will make the neck look younger and firmer since these products have hydrating and mosturizing effects.

There are various surgical and non-invasive procedures as well that can immediately solve the problem of how to firm up sagging neck skin. The surgical procedures are commonly referred to as neck lift and liposuction, a form of plastic surgery. These removed the excess fat from the neck region. There is also what is called as a ‘sling’, which can be implanted on the neck to reduce sagging of the skin. The surgeon attaches the sling, which is really a very thin strip of plastic, under the skin behind one ear lobe then extending it right below the jaw and chin across the other ear lobe where it is attached as well.

As cited earlier, there are non-surgical or non-invasive neck skin-tightening treatments available also for those who do not want to go under the knife so to speak. These treatment packages are usually available in dermatology clinics and even spas. The most common procedures use laser, infrared, or pulsed light methods. These treatments stimulate skin tissues to enhance production of collagen that makes neck skin appear more youthful. The treatments usually take an hour or so and have very minimal side effects, normally only slight redness and swelling, which disappears relatively fast.

The neck and the skin in the area are really sensitive and more prone to aging and sagging because experts cite that the muscles and bones that support the neck area are weaker than in some other parts of one’s body. Thus, these cannot defy gravity making the neck skin sag or become droopy as a person ages. As you see learning how to firm up sagging neck skin is not that difficult.

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