Homemade Canning Jar Labels – Make Cheap, Professional, Short Run & Custom Jar Labels

If you’re giving a jar of your best summer produce as a gift, you want a professional looking personalized label. These DIY custom label making instructions will show you how to make the perfect label for any occasion.

Here is the beauty of this custom label making process:

  • Multiple yet individual custom labels. For example you could setup your word processor to print 10 labels per page and print a unique jar number on each custom label (6 of 24).
  • The base label material can be any color or texture you printer can handle.
  • Cut your jar label to any shape or use specialty scissors for a decorative border.
  • Use photos, artwork, birthday or greeting cards as custom labels.
  • Hand or machine stitch cloth labels for special gift jars.

In my opinion, the perfect jar label(s) should relay two messages to the recipient.

The jar contents, maker, year, storage requirements, expiration dates, etc. That information found on that piece of masking tape on the jar and the info in your head.

Facts of interest concerning this unique jar, e.g., strawberries from your garden, peaches from Happy Trails Ranch or canned for the 2008 Lane County Fair.

I prefer the two label approach. The first label passes along all the necessary information allowing full artistic license for the second label.

For example, you could make the second label a birthday card. Using our carpet tape label making method, you could attach a purchased birthday card to your jar. Or better yet make a homemade birthday message. If you are the creative artistic type, make your own custom label. It doesn’t even have to be paper, e.g., needlepoint or embroider your message on the jar. Use your computer and an internet card generator to make a personalized message.

The birthday example is just one idea for the second label. There are countless reasons why you would give your home canned produce as a gift. Now you have a method of customizing a label for that occasion. Use our imagination! It’s a Girl cigars lack imagination. How about, It’s a Girl! Cathy Jo, May 28, 2008 jar of blackberry preserves canned just for that occasion.

Home canning has become very popular in recent years. Giving a jar of your finest home canned produce as a gift is a very unique personalized gift. But that masking tape identifier label on the jar just won’t cut it. You need to make it more personal and add some class.

The whole process of making a canning jar label is quite simple.

  • Start with a page of printed custom labels or craft project to be used as a label.
  • Apply double sided tape to the back to make a homemade label.
  • If desired apply a clear acrylic coat for longevity.
  • Cut the label to the desired shape and size.
  • Peel the backing off your new jar label and place it on your canning jar.

That’s it! You’re done!

Here is an example of a simple nice looking canning jar label for Mom’s peaches. We used clipart and standard fonts font on most word processors.

Example of a canning jar label using clipart and common fonts.

How simple and cheap can a personalize canning jar label be for your home canned produce? The most difficult part of this project is designing the custom label.

I have several tips to aid you in making a professional looking custom label. The most important tip is that when making a long label for a curved surface; use several pieces of tape parallel to the curve to avoid buckling. Remember to experiment first on an old jar and unwanted or blank label material.

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