The Different Types of Handicap Walkers

Handicap walkers are special kinds of equipment that are getting to be more noticeable these days. Our elderly population today is still quite active and not ready to be restricted to a wheelchair just yet. But since our balance goes on deteriorating as the aging process sets in, wheeled walkers can provide you with that extra stability while you walk. These may also be used by toddlers who are just learning to walk.

Handicap walkers normally come with four legs, wherein the person has a frame on three sides giving him or her much needed stability. As they take a step forward, they have to lift the whole walker up and ahead and then start walking towards the frame. On the other hand, the two wheeled walkers have caster wheels on the legs in front and walker balls, plastic ski glides or glide caps on the back legs. The walker balls are similar to tennis balls though not in the normal green or yellow color. Sometimes the elderly person may not have the skill or strength to lift the walker so the two wheels in front and the glides at the back give the user an easier movement and better stability.

The four wheeled walkers also known as rollators most often have a seat so that the user can rest while on a walk, be it long or short. Some of these handicap walkers even have hand brakes to slow down the walker or stop it from moving while still others require you to apply pressure on the handles to prevent the walker from moving ahead or backwards if you are on an upward slope.

The height positioning of the handicap walkers is very important for using it properly. Normally, the height of the handles or grips should come in line with your wrists. If the handles are too low, then the person will be hunched into a rather uncomfortable posture perhaps even leading to a back ache. If the position is too high, then the user will have a tough time trying to transfer the body weight. The height of even the wheeled walkers can be adjusted by sliding the legs down or up and putting the push bottom mechanism in the right place. If you find it difficult, just read the user manual for your particular walker.

Some of the most popular handicap walkers are the three wheeled walkers. They can be folded in half making it extremely easy to carry with your while traveling. They normally come with a bag which lets you carry stuff while you walk with it. The models that are more expensive even come with trays. Most of these three wheeled walkers are quite light and can be adjusted as per the user’s height.  This kind of handicap walkers demands that the user have good control of the upper body. Otherwise, this three wheeled contraption can turn out to be a bit unsafe. Make sure you check out with your physical therapist before you opt for this kind.

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