Target Bridal Registry: Ways of Making a Sensational Bridal Registry at Target

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a Target bridal registry or a registry at Bergdorf Goodman, the same etiquette principles will always apply. You should provide your guests with a range of price points, options and variety that reflect you and your personal style.

To learn more about what you should and shouldn’t be putting on your Target bridal registry, along with some simple registry etiquette rules and answers to your frequently asked questions, keep reading.

How much should I register for?

It may feel greedy, but you should actually register for slightly more gifts than you think you ought. Your guests will like that they have a range of choices and budget options from which to choose rather than being constrained by a seriously limited wedding registry. Before you set out, have a mental number in your mind that includes the number of wedding guests or couples who will be bringing gifts and the guests at your shower.

The best way to approach it, though, is to only choose items that you will love, use and cherish. Guests would rather give you cash than buy something you’ll never touch.

Should Target be my only registry?

Just having a single registry at Target will certainly make your life simple, but you might also find that they don’t have the full selection you’re looking for. Many brides will register at a store like Target for everyday items and then a more expensive merchant for items like fine china or stemware.

Can I have too many inexpensive items on my registry?

It is. The basic rule of thumb is to give guests a range of options. You want a sprinkling of high-end, expensive items and then an equal number of mid- and low-priced options. Having a few higher-end items on your registry allows close people like your grandparents or parents to buy a larger gift.

That said, inexpensive items are an essential part of a registry and make a great pool for shower gifts. When you do pick lower-priced items, be sure to choose gifts that people will actually want to give.

When should I send a thank you note?

Thank you cards can start going out as soon as gifts are received. In fact, writing your thank you cards in small batches will help you get a handle on a major time task and help keep track of who gave what gift.

That said, according to traditional etiquette rule, you have up to one year from the date of the wedding to write and send your thank you cards. It’s also acceptable to send one card for both the wedding and shower gift, but you should mention both items in your note.

How do I tell guests that I’m registered at Target?

The most important rule is to never include the information with your paper invitations – it’s considered to be in poor taste. Instead, you can include a link to your Target bridal registry on your wedding website or simply rely on your maid-of-honor, best man and parents to spread the word.

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