Russian Women Want to Get Married

Russian women, who go to the marriage agencies, who advertise on the websites, are doing it for one reason: They want to get married.

If they are over thirty-five years old and have children, the likelihood of them getting married in Russia is virtually nil.

They have turned to foreign men, not as a first choice, but because they realize that their chances of getting married are slipping away.

Only a small percentage of single women in Russia seek a foreign husband.

Most of the Russian women who come to America are well-educated professional people. They most likely have a secure job with a good career in Russia.

They have a lot to lose. They are giving up their job, their family and friends, their culture, their language everything they know for the chance to get married and have a happy home life.

It’s a big decision to move to an unknown country. The only person they know is their future husband, who they may not know that well.

Russians are raised to be dependent on those around them. Their future husband is their only source of economic security and protection.

Their biggest fear in marrying a foreigner is that he will leave her, and she will have to go back to Russia to try to reclaim her old life.
She will have to go home to her family and friends in defeat. She will have to try to find another job. The last thing they want to have happen is to be alone in a new country, struggling to start a new life from scratch, without benefit of family or friends.

Most Russian women don’t believe that they will be able to survive on their own in a new country. She is not going to marry you just to get to America and then divorce you two years later when she gets a green card.

Many Russian women prefer to marry older men in foreign countries because they believe older men are more emotionally and financially secure, and are less likely to leave them for a younger woman in the future.

It is not that they want to marry an older man. It is that they do not mind an older man, if he can provide her with emotional and financial security.

She is not going to divorce you once she gets her green card any more than she is going to stay married if her life in America is miserable.
She is not going to stay married to you just because you live in a country with a higher standard of living and can guarantee her financial security.

She also wants to love and be loved and to have a rewarding sex life.

Some women come to America only to find that their new life is worse than their old. Maybe her new husband is alcoholic or abusive. Or he isn’t interested in her happiness.

Would it surprise you to learn that most Russian women, that are here for less than two years, go back to Russia when they divorce their husbands?

So the reason they came here was not to get to America after all. When the real reason they came their marriage broke up, they leave to go back home.

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