Planning a Registry Office Wedding?

Are you planning a registry office wedding in contrast to getting married in church? If so there are plenty of things that you need to bear in mind, along with wedding insurance and here are just some of them.

Wedding insurance may come in very handy, even if you are not having a huge church wedding. You may still be booking vendors and your reception venue and with insurance you have protection against something untoward occurring. Therefore, never just assume that insurance for weddings is only for those who are having a massive wedding in a church.

What to Wear To Your Wedding

Once you have your insurance in place you then have to turn your attention to such things as what you are going to wear on your big day. While you might have chosen the register office as opposed to church; there is nothing to say that you cannot wear a long white wedding dress and traditional veil. If this is what you had in mind then go ahead and pick out your wedding dress and all the trimmings including bridesmaids dresses. There are also short white wedding dresses and these may be more suitable for register office weddings. Again you may choose white or there are now many other colours available such as red and even black! It is your big day so you can choose to wear what you want and whatever colour you want.

The Photographs

When planning your register office wedding you might want to give some thought as to where you are going to have the photographs taken. There may be flower displays at the register office, or you may wish to visit such as a local park or gardens. If you have a nice garden yourself, you might even choose to go there to have your photographs taken.

Plan Ahead

Remember that typically you have to give notice to get married in the register office. This may take some time so plan ahead and take everything with you that you need. This may include proof or your names and your ages, your addresses and place of birth. If one of the partners has been married before then you also need to show proof of divorce.

When getting married at the register office just as many things stand the chance of going wrong as they do if you were getting married in church. You still have to rely on vendors and the venue for your big day. When booking these do so well ahead of your wedding and ensure that you have taken out wedding insurance that covers vendors and your reception venue letting you down. The typical policy may provide protection in the event that your wedding should have to be cancelled or postponed. This usually covers such as illness or a close member of the party or adverse weather conditions ruining your big day. The insurance is a vital part of the wedding and time should be taken to ensure you understand what a policy contains and what the limitations and exclusions are, as there will be some in any wedding insurance you compare.

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