Loud Battery Operated Alarm Clocks – A Loud Alarm Clock for a Heavy Sleeper

The loud battery operated alarm clock can be truly beneficial to many people who have a hard time waking up every morning. We all heard of stories from some students having a hard time waking up in the morning after sleeping very late at night due to studying or something else.

Interestingly, some students use popular techniques during examination days to be able to wake up early. One is, to place their alarm clock across their room to force themselves to get up and turn it off, which can be quite annoying sometimes. A common yet extremely stressful problem is having a hard time pulling oneself up in the morning. Nevertheless, there are a lot of options in order for you to resolve this problem and that is by using a loud and noisy clock.

A commonly used alarm clock in alarm systems is the huge red metal dome that creates a much tremendous noise as compared to a regular battery alarm clock. To make this truly work, some friends told me that you need to put the alarm clock at the other side of the room just so you can keep it out of your reach. This will get you out of bed to turn it off and wake you up. In addition, available also are clocks that have beepers with high tones. These are commonly called the shrill beeping clocks.

On the other hand, there are some clocks that are truly extreme, far louder and more innovative than the red bell alarm clock and the shrill beeping clock. Others would usually use a police or ambulance siren to awaken a heavy sleeper because this much more annoying and can easily catch anyone’s attention. Moreover, some loud alarm clock comes with a bed shaker. Bed shakers are devices placed under the pillow that vibrates crazily whenever the alarm shuts off. If an ambulance tone followed by a shaking mattress is not enough to wake you up, then I guess it is time for you to seek some medical help.

If your problem still recurs after the help of all these battery operated alarm clocks, then it is time for you to look into the roots of this, maybe the solution to your problem are not the alarm clocks. Maintaining regular sleeping hours is a must. Recall that the body has an inner biorhythm clock which controls our sleep- wake patterns. So, it is much helpful to set the alarm clock at those times so you can synchronize it to yours. Nevertheless, a loud alarm clock can be of help if you try it while listening to your own body’s sleep cycle.

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