Is My Husband Cheating? – Know For Sure if He is Cheating

Do you suspect that your husband is cheating? Is your women’s intuition knocking at the door telling you that something isn’t quite right and you suspect that your husband is cheating? While intuition is a great indicator and is often correct, confronting a cheating husband before you know for sure if he is cheating is definitely the wrong move to make.

If your husband is cheating and you tip him off to your suspicions he might become even more crafty in hiding his affair and thus make it more difficult for you to catch him. If he isn’t cheating after all, which is always a possibility, you will appear weak, needy and controlling and cause further damage to your relationship or even drive the final nail in the coffin of your relationship if things are on shaky ground.

So, how do you know if your husband is cheating? What are some of the behaviors and tricks that a cheating husband will use to cover up his affair?

Secrecy – Has your husband suddenly become very secretive and possessive of his cell phone? Do you find that he spends a lot of time on the computer alone late at night or closes out of web browsers windows when you walk into the room?

Although most cheaters become very adept at cleaning up their tracks on their cell phone and computer your husband may still be nervous when you are around if he is cheating on you. He might be thorough but he also might be cautions and scared that you will find out about his cheating ways. Ask him sometime if you can use his cell phone to make a call and see if he hesitates or refuses to give you his cell phone. A husband that is truthful and who doesn’t have anything to hide will have absolutely no problem in handing over his cell phone.

Arguing and Bizarre Behavior – Does it seem like your husband picks fights with you or seems argumentative when you are together? Does he blow up over ridiculous things and winds up storming out of the house? Is he gone for hours at a time with no explanation? It could be that he is picking fights with you so he can free up time to spend with the other woman.

Whether planned or coincidental, it could be that he is arguing with you just so he can justify his affair while also freeing up time to see the other woman. While there might be other reasons for this type of behavior, a repeating pattern of argumentative behavior followed by storming out of the house should be a sign that something is up.

Missing Phone Bill – Has it been a while since you have seen the phone bill or cell phone bill in the mail? While some companies reward customers for choosing not to receive a paper bill the absence of a phone bill, especially the cell phone bill, showing up in the mail might be rather peculiar. Is he afraid of what you might see if you did get your hands on the cell phone bill? A change in the billing for your cell phone might be an indication that your husband is having an affair.

Cleanliness is Next to – Have you noticed that your husband is taking more showers than normal or that he takes a shower immediately upon arriving home? If he comes home late from the office does he insist on taking a shower to relax before spending time with you? It could be that he is washing away the smell of another woman and his lingering guilt over the affair before coming face to face with you.

If any of the above sound familiar it could be that your husband is having an affair. Although you might be tempted to want to confront your husband and ask him to explain exactly what is going on, doing so might be the worst mistake you could make. Confronting him will either cause him to be more careful with his cheating or he will completely blow up and end your relationship if the cause of some of the peculiar behavior has to do with another issue that is going on such as a stressful job, midlife crisis or depression.

While finding out that your husband is cheating on your or having an affair can be devastating, finding out that he isn’t having an affair can be a great relief for many women. Finding out the truth can clear your mind and allow you to move forward with your marriage. The truth truly will set you free either way.

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