Closet Organizers Perfect for College Dorms

Organizing dorm room closets can be tricky. Because they’re so small, college dorms pose challenges that are unique and can seem expensive to solve. Many college students have a hard time transitioning from living in their parents’ big houses to these tiny, shared rooms. It can seem impossible to find adequate space for all their belongings.

Luckily, you don’t have to leave half of your wardrobe behind to move into a dorm. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on complicated, space saving products. With a little creativity and the right closet organizers, you can whip your dorm closet into shape without spending a fortune.

Clothing Organizers

The major problems with dorm closet organization stem from the overall lack of storage space. Since students live in these little rooms for multiple seasons, they need to store clothes for warm, temperate and cold weather. Mom and dad’s basement or attic isn’t an option for summer or winter clothes.

Students may also need to care for a few pieces of formal attire. Though it will seldom be used, it’s important to bring formal and professional clothing to school. Award ceremonies, banquets and interviews can pop up at any time. Beyond that, there is the issue of dealing with shoes and clothes that get wet or dirty frequently — this is especially true for college athletes.

Your dorm room closet needs to accommodate all of these issues while also handling your day to day needs. Some major organizational work is in order.

Space saving products like the Stack Max and Hang Max are great for storing seasonal items or formal items that are rarely used. These two products store clothing and linens in a special plastic bag and then use a vacuum system to remove all of the air and compress the item. You can then stack these small bags in the closet to save space. It will likely cut the space taken up by the clothing in half. The Stack Max is also great for folded items such as extra blankets, jackets and sweaters. By compressing these items, they take up minimal space in the closet. This not only protects the items, but also prevents toppling stacks of sweaters and blankets. Hang Max works with clothes that need to be hung in the closet, and does a great job of keeping them wrinkle free and safe from dust, dirt and moisture.

Another great product that cuts down on closet space is the Wonder Hanger. These products let you hang four or more articles of clothing on just one hanger, which saves a great deal of space without breaking your budget. This simple product can double or even triple your amount of closet space.

Shoe Organizers

Shoe storage is another dorm closet challenge. Even at college, you will need a significant selection of footwear, so efficient closet storage is important. An over the door shoe organizer is a great storage solution. You can also hang these organizers off the end of a bunk bed if you have the right set up. Purchase a model with plastic or easy to clean pouches, and you’ll be able to neatly hold all of your footwear in the same place.

If you need a good place to store muddy footwear, consider a rubber shoe mat that you can keep by the door. This is a great way to keep your tiny room clean. If you need additional footwear storage, an under the bed shoe rack has an even bigger holding capacity and can keep your footwear safe from dust, moisture and dirt.

Accessory Organizers

It can also be hard to store and organize your jewelry in a college dorm. These fragile items need to be kept safe and out of sight in your dorm. As much as we want to trust fellow students, stealing can be a major problem in some dormitories. Keeping your door locked at all times helps, but investing in a jewelry armoire with a simple lock is good insurance. Mirror armoires are also handy. The dual function of this item makes it extra convenient, since many dorm rooms do not have enough mirrors.

With the right products, you can find effective storage solutions for all of your clothes, shoes and accessories. Tackling dorm room organization requires some creative strategies, but the payoff can be well worth the effort. With a neat and organized closet, you’ll be able to focus on schoolwork, friends and fun. Make your dorm room a haven for efficiency, and comfort by purchasing quality products to keep the space organized.

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