Cell Phone Secrets – Your Spouse May Be Having an Extramarital Relationship

Have you ever suspected that your spouse is receiving secret calls on his or her cell phone and that they might be having an extramarital relationship? Are you fearful that your suspicions are true, and looking for a way to find out? You may not be aware, but there is a process known as Cellular Forensics that is able to extract all the information from your spouse’s cell phone that they have deleted.

In the case of a cheating spouse, it’s quite common that they keep in touch with their lover through the use of a cell phone. Chances are, you have very limited access to their cell phone, if any at all. You can be sure that if your spouse is having an extramarital relationship and they are talking to someone in secret on their cell phone, they don’t want you to know. In fact, they probably will do everything in their power to keep you from ever getting your hands on that phone.

One of the most common signs of a cheating spouse is that they delete everything from their cell phone. In actuality, it makes no sense why they’d do such a thing since of course they talk to you and exchange messages with you throughout the day. For their phone to be empty all the time is just weird, especially considering that it never used to be that way. Anyhow, if you can manage it, you’ll need to send their phone off to a cellular forensics lab for examination. This can easily be done with the help of an experienced private investigator.

Dealing with an extramarital relationship is a delicate matter. Even more so, you have to be careful when you don’t know and only have suspicions. Your best choice for a PI is one that is an expert in cellular forensics as well as infidelity investigations. They know how to handle these types of situations while at the same time delivering top notch results.

In general, a private investigator will be able to reveal where your spouse has been with their lover, any hidden financial expenditures they have, as well as how long your spouse has been involved in an extramarital relationship. The details may be painful, indeed, but a PI will expose the truth. A cellular forensics exam of their phone may not reveal everything you’re looking to find out, but it will definitely show whether your spouse is keeping secrets from you.

The basic cellphone forensics report consists of deleted text messages and pics, old caller ID logs, and actual call logs. This can be helpful in that you may be able to find out who your spouse’s lover is, but it might not give as much information that you will know what exactly is going on between them. An extramarital relationship can be extremely complicated, depending on how deep into the relationship the other spouse may be, and for that reason, you need a private investigator. They are able to take a simple cellphone forensics report and delve much further into the matter than you could alone.

If you’re concerned that your spouse may be involved in an extramarital relationship, you should consult the expertise of a qualified private investigator. In most cases, the PI will be able to deliver a full report of everything contained in your spouse’s cell phone in about 7 days, so within a week you could finally know the truth about your spouse and finally lay your fears to rest!

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