Battery Operated Ride On Toys For Preschoolers

Kids love to imitate their parents and one of the most fun ways of doing that is by riding their very own battery operated ride on toy.  They see you driving all over the place so it only makes sense that they would want to do the same.  12v ride on toys come in a variety of styles but one of the most popular are the quads and ATV’s.

12v battery operated ride on toys will help your child develop in several ways. They will increase self-confidence, give a sense of independence, and burn off all that pent up energy through some good old physical exercise. They also get imaginations stirring and will encourage role playing and fantasy play. Motorized quads are appealing to both boys and girls so look out because you won’t be able to keep any of them in the house.

There are 3 different sizes of battery operated ride ons. The 6v size is great for toddlers and doesn’t have much speed. The 24v size runs with two 12v batteries and is best for school aged children. The 12v quads are the perfect size and speed for preschoolers. They run at two safe speeds, 2.5mph and 5mph. Both speeds are appropriate for children aged 3 to 5.

As parents, safety becomes a big concern with motorized vehicles. 12v quads have an automatic safety lock so the vehicle can only be driven in the slower speed if that’s what you choose. This is great for those 3 year olds who are just getting used to the motion of driving and steering by themselves. This is a great safety feature that will give you a little piece of mind.

You may also want to keep in mind that this is such a fun toy that your kids will want to ride it for hours. This means that they may run the battery down very quickly and be disappointed for the time delay involved in recharging. If you think this may happen to you then you can always buy a second battery to have as a spare.

Buying a motorized toy means that you may run into a break down over the course of the toys life.  Rest assured that you can fix your 12v ride on toys yourself without a lot of aggravation.  Make a note of the product name and model number when you purchase the toy.  In the case of a break down check for product recalls and then check the manufacturer website for replacement part information.

When shopping for your 12v battery operated ride on toy, shop from a reliable and dependable manufacturer who knows the ropes. Peg Perego is an Italian based company who produces some the highest performing quads on the market. They’re quality built, stylish, and conform to high safety standards. You can be sure that your kids will have hours of fun with any one of these products.

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