Baby Photo Contest Faq’s

The Internet is full of online photo contest assuring recognition of your cute baby. Doing an Internet search can pull up hundreds of sites.

However, many of these are simple contest providing little help to your child’s modeling dreams. Thus, the hard part is choosing a baby picture contest and knowing exactly how to go about the process.

This article will attempt to answer some common questions concerning normal baby photo contests.

How do I choose a baby photo contest?

When you are searching for an online baby photo contest to enter you need to get answer to three main questions:

How is the contest judged?

Choose a contest where professionals do the judging. Professional judges know what to look for and have a good idea of who could succeed in the modeling world. Plus if professionals are judging the contest you know your child has been seen.

What are the prizes?

You want to make sure that the contest is worth your time, especially if they charge a fee. If the internet baby photo contest charges a fee make sure that the fee is comparable to the prizes given to the winners of the baby photo contest. If a company charges a fee of $25 and the winner only receives a $100 then it is not worth your money.

How large is the baby picture contest?

Small time contests may look good on your child’s resume but they aren’t going to provide any exposure. Choose contests that are large enough to attract the attention of professional model agents and talent scouts.

Try talking to other parents or search through forums for suggestions of legitimate online baby contests. It is also a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau before entering a kid photo contest.

Who can enter a kids photo contest?

Different contests have specific requirements so look for an online photo contest that meets your child’s criteria. Many contests are only for babies or children up to age three.

Be careful when entering that your child will not pass the age limit before the contest ends, thus disqualifying your child. This is especially important in annual contests.

Few online baby photo contests aren’t just for babies. They have categories for children up to age twelve. Other sites offer prizes for things like “cutest smile” besides an overall winner.

How do I enter a photo contest for babies?

In today’s digital world entering a baby picture contest is simple. Most sites allow you to upload a digital image directly to their site. If you don’t have a digital camera then you can easily take negative images to any photo place and ask them to make a CD of the images. Then you can easily upload the photos to the baby photo contest site.

What can my child win in an online photo contest?

There is a wide range of prizes offered by online baby contests. Many contests offer cash prizes. Some national competitions will feature the winning child on the cover of a magazine. Others just provide a plaque with the winning picture. Before entering a contest find out exactly what prizes they offer and make sure it is worth your time and money.

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