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Among all the cell phone service providers in the US, Alltel is one of the largest ones. Just because a prankster is using a mobile phone to make anonymous prank calls to you does not mean that you cannot retrace the number to its registered owner even if it is an Alltel mobile. Such information was hard to get at just a few years back, but nowadays, it is widely available.

To find out the identity of the caller of an anonymous Alltel number, you can use an Alltel reverse mobile phone number search. This can be done on the internet, without having to disclose who you are. Which means you can anonymously discover someone else’s identity just from their phone number. You should be able to get the following information from using reverse lookup for a number:

* Name, address, and other information about the owner

* You can search anonymously

* Free preliminary search

* Accurate and updated information

* Ability to search for unlisted numbers too

* 100% money back guarantee

A single reverse mobile phone number search for an Alltel number costs about $15. Depending on why you want to know identity of the cell number owner, this may or may not be a reasonable price. For example, if you are interested in tracing the owner because you are getting regular prank calls, $15 is not too high a price to know the name and address of the caller. But if you only want to know who made a random wrong call to you, it may be a tad too high. In any case, you can decide whether the information is worth $15 to you or not when the time comes.

These reverse search companies also offer an annual membership for $40 if you want to trace more than two numbers in a single year. This service offers you unlimited searches for cell phone and unlisted landline numbers.

But there is a search you can do for which you do not have to spend any money. These directories allow you to make a preliminary search to find out if the number you are interested in is present in their database. They will let you see if that number is present in the database, the city and state where it is registered, and whether the directory contains the reverse lookup information for the number.

These directories also offer a 100% money back guarantee, which ensures that it is almost impossible for you to be dissatisfied with the service. You get exactly what you pay for and if you do not, you get your money back. In summary, to do a mobile phone number search on someone, you just go to the reverse lookup directory, enter the number you are interested in, press “search” and if there are results then you can pay the $15 fee to get the information you desire.

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