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The process of planning to support children’s development is to promote development through attention to all contributing factors. There are different ways of planning an activity; the different ways should be based on each child’s individual needs. The chance for the children to view and test without an itinerary for that activity and learn by experience. All children need a sense of direction to succeed the effect of the activity for their developmental stage.

Children are able to learn many skills from just one activity. When working with an early year’s curriculum, the aim is to have a well balanced program, facilitating all-round development of each child. Promoting the interests of all the children in the activity is always important. It is important to adapt activities to provide for a child who may be shy, timid, have a hearing impairment or have poor coordination in their movements as well as any particular needs that a child may have.

There maybe children from a range of cultural backgrounds it is the nursery practioner’s job to make aware any limitations that will effect the activity that themselves or other nursery practioner’s wish to proceed.

Things to do; 

v  Make sure that there’s a thorough knowledge of the children in the group before the planning starts.

*  Is there enough room for the children to move around during the activity?

*  Is the equipment being used suitable for the children present who are taking part in the activity e.g. different sized pencils/paint brushes/crayons.

*  Is there special equipment for particular children e.g. children with learning difficulties?

* Can the equipment being used be reached by all the children taking part? So that the children can gain independence.

*  Do any of the children require practical assistance? E.g. help with aprons, moving to the table or rolling up their sleeves etc.

*  Ask each child individually if they need your help, rather than waiting for them to ask you.

Every setting has sets of early learning goals as target achievements for each child. Activities that take place in a setting must have considerate planning for all the children to achieve all of the early learning goals for their target achievements the considerations should be;

* The outcomes on personal, social and emotional development is look at children learning to work, play, get on with others and function in a group. The outcome covers the important aspects of personal, social, moral and spiritual development.

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Children gathering potatoes on a large farm, vicinity of Caribou, Aroostook County, Me. Schools do not open until the potatoes are harvested. (LOC).
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