Absolutely Totally Free Background Checks To Find Peoples Criminal History

Whether you are an employer going through a list of possible new hires or you are a landlord looking for your next tenant, background checks are an absolute must. Many people will go online and look for the totally free background check websites in order to save themselves money. Unfortunately these totally free background check services do not give you accurate or complete information or help you to find peoples criminal history. They may tell you if a person has a criminal record, but what they will not tell you is what is on that record. They may tell you that the person has gone to college, but they will not say if you graduated and what you grade point average was. The point is that you get what you pay for and if you choose to do a totally free background check, you may end up making a bad decision based on misinformation. Do a full and complete background check now.

It is always best to have the complete information. Let’s say you decide not to hire someone because the check said he or she had criminal record 3 states over. No let’s go on to say that if you had used a paid service you would have seen that the criminal record was for a parking ticket. You would have lost a potential asset to your company because of incomplete information. For any name, is it possible to say that there is only one person in the country that has that name? No it is not impossible, you may even see a criminal record come up on an applicants name, but what the check didn’t tell you was that the person who matched the criteria is currently sitting in jail and therefore cannot be the applicant sitting in front of you.

You can use the check as a marker to help determine eligibility of employment, but unless you are willing to pay for the full information it should not be used as a definite factor for employment.

Totally free background checks are an excellent way to help you narrow down your list of applicants, whether you are hiring a new employee or looking for a new tenant. If you choose to pay for the good background check information it will be well worth it in the long run.

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