A Dog House Heater – Perfect Winter Protection For Your Dog!

Protecting your dog throughout the year can be a challenge especially if you reside in a harsh climate area of the country. If your dog lives outside and has a house to get in the absolute perfect scenario would be if your dog’s house was heated and air conditioned! Sounds a wee-bit crazy but you can do that for your best friend!

You can invest in a unit that will keep your dog cool in the harsh heat of the summer and cozy warm during the freezing months of winter! So regardless what old Mother Nature throws at you your pet will be safe, cozy, cool and comfortable.

The average cost to operate a dog house heater is about seven dollars a month, a small price to pay knowing that you pet will be comfortable throughout the year, especially the El Niño year when the weather is completely out of whack and hard to predict.

Another advantage is that a heater/ac unit will also serve as a humidifier being able to optimize air moisture to a setting as desired as low as 40% relative humidity achieving the ideal climate for your buddy.

If you have a dog that has to be home alone during the day and in the backyard it would be a huge relief knowing that they have a place to get shelter from the elements. Regardless of the breed all dogs will suffer some type of discomfort when left to deal with the outdoor temperatures and extreme climates.

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The perfect cold or hot weather solution for your dog is a Climate Control Unit that will keep your dog warm during the winter and cool during the hot summer months!

Dog House Heater

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It's the new Mother Nature Taking Over.
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