Disney Rewards Visa Card From Chase

Do you have kids at home shouting out for stuffs from Disney? Imagine how nice it would be if you had a credit card, which could convert your everyday purchases into wonderful Disney rewards. Well, there is such a card – Disney Rewards Visa Card, launched by the trio Walt Disney Company, Manhattan Chase Bank and Visa.

Disney Rewards Visa Card from Chase is a card of its kind, a family-oriented credit card that bears great Disney rewards including exciting vacations in Disney Land, Disney toys and latest Disney DVDs. This is a low cost card uniquely designed to reward families more so children, for whom everything that has to do with Disney has an irresistible charm.

Attractive Rewards

Disney Rewards Visa Card from Chase is quite popular as it gives you a great chance to earn and redeem Disney rewards as fast as you can and without any hassles. This card comes with unparalleled flexibility – no blackout dates and is probably the most competitive rewards card available in the credit industry.

The Disney Rewards Visa Card from Chase has a magical Disney Rewards program, which you and your children will enjoy greatly. To get more details go through the following:

§ On making your first purchase with the card, you will receive a $15 gift card from a Disney store.

§ The reward program gives you one percent rebate on each of your qualifying purchases. This 1 percent rebate will be converted to Disney Reward Dollars, with one reward dollar for every $100 you spend on purchases.

§ Your reward dollars are redeemable at the Walt Disney World® Resort, Disney Store, Disney Cruise Line, Disney, Disneyland Resort, and the Disney catalog. The reward dollars can be used for purchasing Disney brand DVDs, toys and clothing. You can also use the rewards for night stays at Disney restaurants, hotels and or even for visits to Disney theme parks.

There is a predetermined yearly limit of 750 Disney Dream Reward Dollars on the card. Remember, your rewards expire within five years before which you should redeem them.

Some Key Features

The Disney Rewards Visa Card from Chase is as much admired for its rewards as for its commendable interest rates. You can follow the details to learn more:

§ The Introductory APR of 0% continues for twelve months. Thereafter, the interest rate climbs to 14.24%.

§ There is no annual fee that you will have to pay

It will be wise to pay in full each month once the introductory rate expires (to evade financial charges). This way, you will qualify for the lowest rate offered and be able to take advantage of the special Disney offers (the additional rebates).

Perks With The Card

You can avail pretty good perks from Disney Rewards Visa Card from Chase. Just check these out:

§ The card itself looks very attractive with a striking design featuring the famous Mickey Mouse silhouette framed by a pixie-dust-sprinkled, bright red background.

§ It has the features of a platinum card and offers travel accident insurance, travel and emergency services auto rental insurance.

§ The card also provides emergency cash and card replacement benefits.

§ You are also allowed extended warranties on qualified purchases and purchase protection on products.

§ The online account related facilities allow you access to your account information and if you need you can carry out certain transactional functions on the Internet.

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Lysol Coupons 2011

Are you looking for Lysol Coupons for 2011?

Simple things like coupons are a great way to start and as an extra bonus it keeps your place smelling nice. Most cleaning related supplies are expensive and really add up quickly. Coupons are the easiest and fastest way to save money right now. Here is how I ersonally go about getting Lysol coupons.

Coupons are more available than ever before.

Almost all major retailers participate in some kind of deals where you can save money and with rise in online business these type savings are more popular than ever. There is a lot of extra cash that you can save with these coupons. You can find them in more places than the standard newspapers and some product savings are now only found online.

The best deals can be found online, because companies do not have any printing costs.

The online coupon community is large with many people like who willing to help you save money and love to share their cleaning related tips. A quick search online will lead to saving you 1000’s of dollars. The process of signing up is very simple to do.

You will save money with all kinds of cleaning related products not just from the grocery store.

If you are out and about just bring your cleaning coupons with you and you can put extra money in your pocket. All you have to do is print them out from your computer and you will  save everytime you leave your home .

The printable Lysol Coupons is just one of the thousands of coupons that are available online. Be one of the thousands of people online who save money.

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Unclaimed Checks Total Millions!

There are hundreds of thousands unclaimed checks lying all over the country with state governments, the federal government, insurance companies and so on. These are checks that were issued for salaries, dividends, refunds, against insurance policies, unredeemed gift certificates and a host of other reasons. Since the checks were either returned undelivered or were lost and never cashed, they are classified as unclaimed checks.

Just one state, Oregon, has unclaimed money, including unclaimed checks, totaling over $200 million and each year $32 million is added tot his amount. If one state has this much, what will be the total amount of unclaimed checks lying in all the 50 states? And what about the federal government which has billions of dollars worth of unclaimed checks for tax refunds and unclaimed Treasury bonds?

Federal and state governments, insurance companies and pension funds do their best to return this money, but more often than not the rightful owner can’t be traced. People who are entitled to these unclaimed checks have either changed their address and left no forwarding information behind or may have died leaving behind beneficiaries who do not know that they may be entitled to the finds due to the deceased person. Even if you think that nothing is due to you, it’s worth checking – you may have a fortune you don’t know about.

The problem is that there is no central source or database where all the information on unclaimed checks is available. Each state and each federal agency has it own records. To try and locate unclaimed checks due to you, you have two options:

– Start checking the websites or contacting agencies or companies where you think there many be unclaimed checks due to you. This is okay if you have an idea of where to look. If you don’t searching through so many data bases can be an unmanageable task.

– If you don’t know where or how to search for unclaimed checks, contact one of the reputed companies that have compiled the various databases into a master one of their own and will be able to use their records and search expertise to help you find unclaimed checks that are rightfully yours.

If that is too complicated you can simply enter your name in an unclaimed check search like the one offered at sites like and

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Where to Find Best Grocery Coupons?

In these trying financial times, everyone has become more conscious about what they are spending, and more and more people are looking for ways to save more and be more efficient and practical in their spending.

One of the ways you can save your precious financial resources is through using grocery coupons. They can be printable grocery coupons from a website or free grocery coupons given away in stores or from magazines and other publications. Either way, using these coupons is a good way to make your shopping much more cost efficient.

A lot of people are a bit turned off by the idea of using grocery coupons, but there’s really nothing wrong with using them. It’s just a little more effort on your part to find them or print them out or cut them out, but in the end, that little effort saves you money you can either save up for a rainy day, or allot to other expenses.

You can find grocery coupons to print in a lot of places, as long as you look out for them. Research estimates that there are $360 billion worth of coupons out there, so you’d best start compiling and looking for them.

One good place to start is the internet, which is where you can get your printable grocery coupons. Both supermarket websites and their affiliates or the websites they advertise on offer grocery coupons – you simply need to print them out, and presto! You have your grocery coupons. You can also send emails to get free coupons – it’s very simple, really, and the rewards more than make up for it. A short, positive message will do. You can even make a template to send to different companies. A simple search on a search engine can be useful in looking for online coupons. When sending emails, be sure to remember the companies you sent letter to so you don’t send out letters to the same companies at the same time.

You can also visit online sites to see if they have any new coupons to offer. New deals and ways to save are constantly being updated, so you should always be on the lookout for new offers and promotions. Create a list of websites that frequently update their coupons and other offers so you remember to visit them regularly.

Along with your coupons, there are a lot of other useful tips and articles you can find to make your grocery shopping a much more pleasant experience, such as how to look for fresh fruits or vegetables, or fresh meat.

Magazines and newspapers are also a good place to find free grocery coupons and restaurant coupons as well (Such as Pizza Hut coupons and Domino’s Coupons), and simply browsing through pages can reveal different coupons you can cut out and add to your coupon collection.

Just be sure to compile and organize your coupons well, so that when you decide to use them, you can easily find the appropriate coupons. There are different ways to go about doing this, depending on the system that works best for you.

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Do you Need Money to Pay Bills?

Do You Need Money to Help Pay Bills?

Are you and your family in over your head trying to pay bills? Do your bills every month exceed your monthly salary? Do you need aid to get out of increasing debt? Are you ever tempted by offers for low interest debt consolidation credit cards? If your answer was yes to any of these questions, help could be on the way. The United States government sets aside literally millions of dollars each and every year in government grants for people who are beginning a small business, in financial need, or seeking a college education. The definition of a grant is free money awarded based on a financial need and is provided by the US government or another not for profit organization to promote and contribute to growth or development within a specific community. Unfortunately, many simply are not aware that they may qualify to get grant money from the government based on their need financially. Matthew Lesko, known as the Guru of Government Giveaways, is committed to help those like you that are looking for a way to pay bills while avoiding sliding further into debt.

A great deal of Americans are in major debt trying to pay their bills, but are not aware of the opportunities for free money to pay off their bills. Literally millions of dollars in grant money won’t be claimed annually primarily because people are not taking the time to fill out applications for government grants. As tax payers, U.S. citizens have the right to take advantage of several government funded programs, and many qualify for these government incentives. However, these grant programs won’t come looking for you. Matthew Lesko makes it simple by handling the research for you, and all you will have to do is fill out the application. While Lesko cannot promise that you’ll be approved for each government grant you complete an application for, he will promise there is millions of dollars in free money that you may qualify for.

There are several commercialized debt consolidation programs who are looking for those who are need desperately to find ways to pay their bills. Debt consolidation companies run advertisements all day-everyday to entice consumers with attractive low interest. The general public is not well informed on the free government grant money that is out there to help people to pay bills mostly because the government doesn’t advertise this free money so extensively. Matthew Lesko has written several different books educating the American public about how to collect free money to help to pay bills, attend college, and start a business. Free Money to Pay Your Bills, written by Matthew Lesko, is an extensive book with 770 pages which describes completely how to get government grants to help people with their bills. These bills could include health care bills, college tuition, a mortgage, rent, closing costs, childcare expenses, credit card bills, entertainment expenses, car repair bills, and even travel expenses.

Need money to help with bills? Do you desperately need more information about free government grant money for those who require assistance financially? could you use some help to get out of debt? Do you want to avoid being enticed by those tiresome, but tempting debt consolidation offers? If your answer was yes to any of those questions then you must take full advantage of the money the US government has to offer. As a United States citizen and taxpayer, it’s your right to capitalize on government funded grant opportunities. The U.S. government has free government money to give to everyday people who need help to pay for living expenses. Complete an application for a grant right now. What do you have to lose?

About the Author: Learn how you can get money to pay your bills! can help you to get the available government grant money to help with bills, regardless of age, income or credit! Look at this internet site for a free preview at now! For information and advice about free government grant money, click on this link.

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