Wholesale Cell Phones – Buying in Bulk for Business

When you start selling cell phones, whether online or offline, you need to set your goals.  First priority would be profit then followed by availability.  Cell phone business would not be good if you do not earn any profit at all.  No profit means no business.  Your second goal of having available phones anytime and anywhere will have to depend on your distributor.  When you make a deal with a distributor and he or she is not able to provide the quantity of phones you need, this leads to poor business which eventually spells out as bankruptcy.  It is a chain reaction.  People look for specific types of phones and as the reseller, you should be able to provide your customers the phone that they are looking for.

Resellers get their mobile phone supplies from distributors.  In order for distributors to still gain some profit, they sell mobile phones in wholesale. The usual problem that is encountered in this type of transaction is that resellers are bounded by a minimum order thus they are compelled to make purchases in bulk and resellers have to prepare a huge amount of money in every order they make with the wholesale distributor.  The question is, is it any good at all?  Is buying in bulk better than buying in few pieces just to be able to have some stocks available just in case more customers will look for the phones you ordered in bulk?

This question will help us identify if buying things in bulk is better than buying things by pieces or in smaller numbers.  When these distributors sell mobile phones in wholesale, it allows them to provide us discounts and most of the time, these are not just small discounts.  The discounts that a reseller gets allows him or her to earn the profit from every phone he or she sells.  The discounts provided here will not be possible if these mobile phones were sold individually or through small numbers by distributors.  If this was the case, the reseller will not be able to put some significant mark-up in the retail price thus not getting the profit that the reseller should be getting.

When you have sufficient stocks with you and some of these units are defective, you have the chance to immediately replace the malfunctioning unit with a good one right away.  There won’t be a need for you to inform your customer to wait for several days to receive or get the replacement.  If these units were bought online, just make sure that you have a system for handsets being returned because of malfunctioning hardware or software.

Selling and buying wholesale mobile phones is an effective way of doing business between wholesale distributors and resellers.  This is basically how you get discounts and through the discounts that you get, you will be able to sell your mobile phones through competitive pricing and make your rate comparable with other resellers in your area.  Is selling wholesale mobile phones any good in this business?  Yes and that is the best option that you can get.

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