Wholesale Candle Containers

In any business, spending less and making more money is the object. So when a retailer is looking for candles containers she needs to go wholesale. Scouring a few directories for suppliers will net her the information she needs to get her candle containers wholesale.

One of the neat kinds of containers is pottery: taupe, green, red, or blue. These are hand poured pottery containers. Round decorated polish pottery containers are a charming choice. Many times a closeout for glass candleholders can be located offering really good prices. Here are some examples: a case of 240 glass apothecaries in bulb shape for $122.40 or round small glass votive candleholders-a case of 108 for $49.68.

The thing to always remember about using glass containers for candleholders is that it has to be glass that is made for withstanding heat. This ability to take the heat and not break is why canning jars and coffee mugs are popular containers for candles. The 166,000 results for wholesale coffee mugs should help her find a good supply. She can locate some adorable custom coffee mugs in cases of 36 and get assorted designs. An example of pricing is three dozen for $3.95 apiece and going up to 12 dozen at $3.78 each. If she has clientele that well go the price she needs to charge for designer coffee mugs they well sell. Otherwise, non-designer coffee mugs are a good choice. These are trendy containers for making poured candles.

Another way to get wholesale candle containers is to buy from package and container companies. Also search for suppliers of natural and hand made soap. Many of these companies also trade in candle goods; they may have votive, taper, wedding, scented, bun, soy, and jar candles. In jar candles alone there are so many luscious scents: citrus, currant, honeysuckle, lemon, vanilla, and aloe to name a few of the wonderful fragrances. These nose pleasers attract customers like bees to flowers in the spring and summer. That is what pleasing her customers and building her retail business is all about-finding candles, candleholders, and candle containers that people like and want to take home.

When making an effort to find bargains there are some searches that pertain to wholesale candle containers that she will find helpful: wholesale candle jars, candle fragrance oils, wholesale candle wax, candle wicks, wholesale votive candles, wholesale candle fragrance, candle glass jars, and candle and soap making supplies. Selling some of these related items is one practical way to expand her cache of products. If she begins to sell candle or soap making supplies she is drawing in a new, but related audience of customers. This tactic has the potential to substantially increase her customer base.

Our retailer now has loads of ideas for candle containers, candles, and related goods that are perfect to include in her stock. She can take the “ball of wax” and run with it and get her candle business rolling along to the bank to make some nice deposits.

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