Where to Find Wholesale Shoes

Are you interested in setting up a home business selling shoes online? Buying wholesale from suppliers is easier than you might think and you will save a huge percentage on retail price – leaving you a decent profit after sales. This article is a guide to the product itself, buying your merchandise and finding the correct supplier for you.

With today’s trends towards designer shoes and big retail prices, it’s a good time to own a shoe shop, especially an online one that can undercut traditional stores and boutiques. With an online store front you can bring all kinds of fashion across the world. Don’t be afraid to try and be exotic in what you’re selling. Some of the best business ideas are a little bit unusual.

Obviously, the term shoes covers a pretty broad category, from flip-flops to boots and everything in between. You need to decide what you are interested in buying – men’s shoes or women’s shoes? Cheap, mass-produced Asian shoes, or high-quality, high-fashion Italian? The choices are almost endless if you’re retailing, but it’s one you should make. People are unlikely to buy high-fashion items from the same retailer who sells children’s sneakers! The upper end of the market is definitely in high quality leather. As with all luxury goods, there is money to be made, but buying stock is always going to be more pricey.

Alternately, there are many kinds of specific shoe you could specialise in. There are always markets for dancing shoes or sports shoes at a discount. If you know about hiking, then perhaps look into buying boots or walking shoes. Whether you want to sell generic or specific shoes, there is certainly a market for you if you can reach them, and if you can offer them a decent price. The key is finding yourself a decent wholesaler, so you can charge the right price to get the customer.

Unsurprisingly, there are hundreds of different suppliers available for those wanting to buy shoes wholesale. Most have websites that showcase their material and allow for easy ordering in bulk. Some shoe distributors for example, allow you to buy shoes by the case, and have a wide selection of all kinds of shoes. Itastyle and Giorgia Galassi offer high fashion Italian shoes for women, while Cadini do the same for men’s shoes. Wholesale distributors are always on the lookout for boutique retailers that fit a certain image, to sell their shoes. If you meet their criteria, you will be allowed to resell their products.

On the other end of the market, cheap shoes are also readily available from wholesalers. Importers and liquidators will have a huge range of shoes available for wholesale, and in particular have a wide range of athletics shoes available. There really are as many shoe wholesalers as there are types of shoe. It’s just up to you to decide what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to spend, and there should be a supplier for you. Persistence is the key to finding great wholesalers.

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