What You Can Expect From an Offshore Job

It certainly takes a certain type of individual to make a successful career out of working on an offshore oil rig. Most of these employees are hard-working, physically fit, and focused on the task at hand. These workers, nearly always men, have the ability to live with a great deal of routine and consistency in their life. This applies not only to the time spent on the rig working, but also the way in which off-hours are spent.

Because of the very favorable pay rate for offshore jobs, there is a good deal of competition in getting a position with a reputable oil drilling company. However, before an athletic, robust man begins to look for the best offshore opportunity, some thought needs to be given to what to expect once you are on the rig.

Long Hours

Imagine being at your job site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This is just what it is like working on the rig, since your worksite is essentially the same as your home. In general, you will be working twelve hours per day and because of the exhaustive nature of the work, these hours can take a real toll on your body.

Decent Pay and Benefits

The excellent pay is what draws many people to work on an offshore oil drilling rig. The average pay rate for these employees, depending on level of experience and position within the company, is from $300 to $700 per day. Further, you will receive free meals and housing on the rig as well. Some of the more updated rigs also have gyms, Internet, movies, pool tables and various other leisure activities.

Routine and Consistency

Life on the offshore oil drilling rig provides a great deal of predictability on a day to day basis. This means seeing the same faces every day and every night. Because living quarters can be quite tight, you need to be able to adapt to a variety of people and personalities. Also, the work is nearly the same every day and may even border on repetitive.

Limited Access to Home

Even though life on an offshore oil drilling rig means that you will be in constant contact with the same people every single day, the lifestyle also lends itself to serious loneliness. This is because you will have very limited access to loved ones and may not see family for weeks at a time. A strong network of family and friends at home will help to assure success as an offshore rig worker. If you have children, you should also make certain that you have a strong marriage to a spouse who is capable of being something of a part-time single parent.

Hard Work

One of the hallmarks of work on an offshore rig is the fact that it is physical, demanding and exhausting. Qualified applicants will need to be in exceptional physical shape and be willing to do the hard work necessary to get the job done. This can also be very dangerous work, if proper safety protocol is not precisely observed.

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