What is 10kweeks.biz?

10kweeks.biz is gathering quite a bit of attention but what precisely is it? You see it in magazines and on the internet as a technique to start earning additional cash, more time, and more freedom. In fact many people are firing their bosses and have even been documented as earning, sometimes$1000 to $3000 or more in a single day with no experience.

First, what is it? 10kweeks.biz is a funnel for a business that has been about for well over twenty years. The product is a travel product that allows its customers to take holidays for dimes on the dollar. It’s an unlimited and lifetime product. That suggests that once the buyer owns the product they can order masses of holidays immediately. They can take vacations in over 75,000 resorts. These accommodations cost average folk $1500 to $2500 per week but only cost package owners the equivalent of the taxes on the room or about$250 per week.

There is another feature that makes the product better. All the holidays in the packages are fully transferable. That implies that the owners of packages can give these unlimited holidays away to whoever they select. They can give them to friends, family, potential customers and as incentives. There aren’t limited uses for complementary vacations.

Packages begin at $1295 and go up to $11,000 for a lifetime of unlimited and absolutely  transferable holidays. The reps earn as high as eighty percent on each individual sale. The potential as a business proposition are very good. With the high profits on each package it is very possible for 10kweeks.biz reps to quickly begin earning a 6 figure revenue with just 1 or 2 sales a week.

The Corporation has been about for over 20 years so it is solid enough to not worry about it being a here today gone tomorrow fly by night company. The packages have real worth so folk are willing to buy them as a product and not just as a break. There are a few markets of consumers like, companies, non-profits, holiday-makers, opportunity searchers and many others so there are multiple ways to grow the business. So where does 10kweeks.biz come into the picture?

10kweeks.biz is simply a funnel to enable reps to enhance their sales. It provides proved presentations that do all of the telling, selling, convincing and explaining so that the reps do not have to. It has capture pages that capture prospects info. The capture page leads to an automated follow up system that may continue to follow up via e-mail to keep in touch with those prospective buyers.

Another key feature of 10kweeks.biz is the marketing. There are several techniques to attain success in any business and there are several methods to fail. Without promoting you are out of business before you even start. 10kweeks.biz has many proven selling tools and trainings to enable the reps to find the hottest prospects. Some of these strategies are proved to draw in higher than a hundred prospects in a single day. With this feature of finding the right folks that are hunting for your service it is way easier to attain success.

All in all, 10kweeks.biz has a good product that many people, corporations, and affiliations want and need. There is a complete system that does a lot of the work for the reps. Most significantly, the selling methods made public  there were proven to draw the multitudes of prospects that any business needs in order to succeed.

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Ed Przybylski is a professional marketer and can give you more insight into 10kweeks.biz to help you achieve your success.

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