What Exactly is a Freight Broker and How Does Someone Become One

Independent Truckers and Trucking Companies

In some instances producers and manufacturers themselves will arrange their own shipping and hauling and may even have a fleet of their own trucks. However; the vast majority of goods and products that are produced and hauled around the country are moved by independent truck drivers and trucking companies.

The Middle Man or Woman

So who is the person that functions as a middle man between the manufacturers and produces and the truckers? This person is called a freight broker. He or she is a knowledgeable expert on the industry as a whole and when they do their job right everything goes off without a hitch.

A Dream Job

A good freight broker that has established a solid reputation as a reliable broker to both the trucking community as well as the business community with which he or she works, has a dream job.
They can work from a home office and handle all of their transactions by computer or phone. With wages, commissions and bonuses they can and often do generate a very good income.

Freight Broker School

In the past, freight brokers worked their way into the position by way of spending time as a truck dispatcher. However; in todays computerized business environment, a freight broker is required to have a certain level of technical expertise, as well as some business management and accounting skills. This is why more of todays freight brokers got their start through a freight broker training academy.

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Navajo Truck Driver.
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