That Crazy Sac

Have you seen that crazy sac. You must have seen it in cafes or in libraries or even in your friends’ home. You know, the pear shaped sac filled with small plastic pellets or beans which is used for sitting or lying down or just for fun? It’s a beanbag and it is infiltrating our life so fast that a few years from now, we will wonder how we got along without it.

Beanbags have been increasingly catching up to be used for various activities in of our life. These bags are increasingly finding use in our lives. Bean bags have become a style statement of sorts among the young generation as the gen-next couch. This is due to the variety which a beanbag can offer in colors, in styling, and even the use product itself. Bean bags also score over conventional chairs due to the fact that sitting on a beanbag is ‘healthy’. Beanbags are ergonomic in the sense that unlike conventional chairs the bags support your back and spine when you sit on them, and take the shape of the way your back curves. This spares you from stressing your back. Also, beanbags place you close to the floor, which is better for your joints.

Lounges and bars across the world are using beanbags for their portability and their flexibility of use. Lounge owners realize that many a time, customers would like to shift themselves around, and the highly portable bean bags make this possible. Moreover, large bean bags like luvsacs make it possible for couples to sit together on one bag and share intimate moments. On top of that, in a lounge, furniture can get easily ruined or stained due to food and beverage being spilt on them. Bean bags solve this problem too because they are completely washable.

These days the beanbag manufacturers have increased monitoring customer needs and wants. The bags require regular refilling with new pellets because the old pellets get crushed due to use over a period of time. Customers have shown a disinclination to spend extra time and money to refill beanbags periodically. Thus manufacturers are coming out with foam filled bean bags like foof sacs which don’t need to be refilled periodically. The foam is the same substance your couch is made of and it stays supple for a long period of time.

It’s a crazy sac because it’s nothing but a leather or vinyl bag filled with pellets. But, the uses it is put to is astounding. Beanbags even find use for doing exercises of the stomach and even in teaching preschoolers. So much so, that user of all genders and generation find the beanbag alluring. Availability of the bags also add to it fame. The bags are available on the internet or at your nearest furniture shop. Get a beanbag for your room today and see how a crazy sac changes the way you sit. Its not only stylish and useful but healthier than the conventional chair which you have been using

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English: Bean bags in the Budda Bag Shop in Dublin. Deutsch: Sitzäcke im Budda Bag Laden in Dublin..
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