Simplex Hydraulic Track Jacks

A mechanical hydraulic track jack is designed to operate safely and effectively with minimum amount of handle effort.  Most mechanical jacks have a quick trip mechanism which allows the jacks to be instantly tripped while under load. It should always be remembered that these types of jacks should only be used when carrying out maintenance on a railway track and not be used for general purpose lifting.

Simplex are manufacturers of hydraulic track jacks that are designed to reduce the risk of the operator sustaining an injury, particularly back injuries. Simplex track jacks are well known around the world and are setting new safety standards amongst track maintenance crews that use them.

These type of track jacks offer many features:

  • They are light weight but designed for heavy duty maintenance
  • Hydraulic track jacks are designed to lift and lower in accurate and precise controlled amounts if required.
  • They can be operated in a horizontal position for gauging or lining track
  • If the lever bars are accidentally realised there is no kick back which predominantly reduces injuries to the operator.

Simplex track jacks are light weight and purposely made for use in railway maintenance, mining and construction work as well as used in shipping yards. With a total lifting capacity of 15 tons – 8 tons can be lifted on head and 7 tons can be lifted on toe lift. Used with an operating leaver you have the added benefits of:

  • Tooth by tooth groove for lifting and lowering.
  • Trip lowering for quick withdrawal and winding up operation

Hydraulic track jacks manufactured by Simplex are self contained hydraulic jacks and available as hand, toe, air bag and ratchet jacks. With lifting capacities ranging from 1 ton to a massive 250 tons, you can be sure they will suit your purpose. Hydraulic jacks offer improved manoeuvrability, safety and fantastic lifting power for use in the rail industry and mining and construction operations.

With the release of the new Pow’r Claw design hydraulic jack several new features have been added.  The main feature is water and dirt is kept out of the jack as the inverted design prevents anything getting in which increases the performance of the jack. The pistons are constructed from hard chrome which resists corrosion giving longevity to the tool. Overall the Pow’r claw jack has specifically been designed to be used by one man. One man operation means heavy loads such as concrete can be lifted much easier reducing the risk of back injury to the operator.

For the very best Hydraulic jacks you know you can trust Simplex, the industry standard.

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