Off Site Parking at Newark Airport

Parking at Newark Airport is A Pain in the Neck

Parking at Newark Airport is a pain in the neck. I mean, it’s not bad enough that my options for getting to the airport in the first place are so limited (subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan, then train to Newark Airport, or else getting a taxi across Staten Island) but the one time – the ONE TIME I actually have a car that I can drive, I manage to find my way there and it turns out the parking rates at Newark airport are WAY too expensive. So there I am and I tried to leave early, but of course I hit traffic, and then I wound up circling the parking lots at Newark airport like fifteen million times look for one that has halfway decent long term rates, because I’ve got to leave my car there while I’m in Europe….so that would be long term parking at Newark Airport.

And I have no map with me and I know my friend mentioned some economy parking at Newark airport which is offsite but close by, so after about half an hour circling around gaping at the parking rates at Newark airport and the valet parking at Newark airport and all this stuff about parking at Newark Airport.

So I got my friend on the phone and I’m like, okay, where’s this awesome discount parking you were talking about, and she’s all, hold on a minute and she went to get whatever website it was where she found this place (because supposedly their prices are so much better – by this point I was totally spazzing, flipping out and thinking, maybe I should just go into the more expensive long term parking at Newark airport because if I go offsite how am I even going to get there in time for my flight)…

Finally she comes back and she gives me directions to this offsite parking lot which is really nearby even though it’s not actually AT Newark Airport, so I said okay, and I followed the directions, and in the end she was right and I did find this place for great cheap parking at Newark airport, and I managed to get back and to my flight, and I’m writing this from the airport lounge.

Hopefully the rest of the trip will be as easy as the parking job was once I hit the offsite spot she told me about.

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