Lap-Band Procedure In The Dominican Republic

If you are struggling with morbid obesity or excessive weight, you must consider getting the lap-band procedure in the Dominican Republic. You will not only lose those extra pounds forever but will also be able to live a much healthier and longer life. Various researches and studies approve the tremendous benefits of this cosmetic surgical process. It has been commonly noticed that people who get this surgery live longer.

The reason why people prefer traveling to the Dominican Republic for this bariatric surgery procedure is that this small but beautiful country has world-class medical facilities with advanced and state-of-the-art technologies. The quality of the treatment in the Dominican Republic is comparable to the treatment performed in developed countries, such as the United States of America, Canada, and Europe. But the best thing is that when you get the lap-band procedure in the Dominican Republic by opting for a medical holiday, you are charged ‘peanuts’ – almost 80% less than the amount charged by the developed countries for the same procedure. You pay less but the get the same quality of treatment.

The Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding Procedure

In the lap-band procedure, the surgeons place a band around the uppermost area of the stomach. The objective is to create two portions in the stomach – one large and one small area. The patients who have got this surgery done feel full faster, as their stomach is divided into two smaller portions. What is more, the band used in the procedure is adjustable. This way, it is possible to adjust the band if the rate of weight loss is not satisfactory. The food digestion still remains normal, but once the surgery is performed, you have better control over your weight.

Benefits Of Lap-Band Procedure

The lap-band procedure in the Dominican Republic comes with free unlimited fills for life. You can improve the quality of your life significantly just by opting for a medical vacation in this small beautiful country. Following are some of the features of this ultimate cosmetic surgery procedure:

  • It is a reversible surgery procedure. This means in case you are not satisfied with the procedure, the surgery can easily be reversed.
  • In order to get optimum results, the band can be adjusted to decrease or increase the size of the two parts in your stomach created by the procedure itself.
  • It helps the body fully absorb the food. The digestive procedure remains normal.
  • You can effective lose over 50% of your extra weight.
  • The procedure has also been found to be very effective in patients with high blood pressure. It can substantially improve their condition.
  • What is more, type II diabetes cases can also be resolved significantly using this ultimate beauty treatment procedure.

Overall, it should not be an exaggeration to say that lap-band procedure in the Dominican Republic is actually an excellent opportunity for you to change your life.


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