Kowloon Hotels in Hong Kong with Big Rooms and Affordable Room Rates

There are two things Hong Kong hotels are well known for, expensive rates and small rooms. Even standard rooms at name brand hotels in Hong Kong cost a lot of money. However, don’t let that deter you from visiting one of the most vibrant cities in Southern China. Below you will find names of hotels with bigger than normal rooms in Hong Kong as well as learn where to get the best discounted hotel rates.

Now the best affordable hotels with larger rooms are found on the Kowloon peninsula which is not far at all from Hong Kong island.

One of the most highly recommended places to stay is the Prudential Hotel located in the heart of Tsim Tsa Tsui district and right on Nathan Road. Though the Prudential is not a new hotel the rooms over there have been renovated. Big desks with a couch are added to the rooms today which is highly uncommon for most hotels in the affordable range.

Another really good choice is the Mira Hotel. Also located on Nathan road just right across from Kowloon Park. The Mira has also been renovated into a much flashier hotel with a brand new hip and boutique look. The Mira Hotel’s room rates are a bit higher then the Prudential but compared to hotels in Europe or in the USA it’s about normal.

No matter which hotel you decide to stay in Hong Kong just remember that you can get the best hotel rates possible by booking with hotel reservation agencies based in Asia.

Rakuten Travel Inc. is a company based in Japan and although they specialize in the Japan hotel market they do have offices throughout Asia. They are certainly worth checking for the best room rates for hotels in Hong Kong.

Agoda.com is another excellent Asia based hotel reservation agency that can help you find last minute hotel deals so you can save even more money than booking through the hotels directly.

Finally, you can usually find most hotels in Hong Kong are discounted around June through September. October through March cost more but don’t let that discourage you at all from visiting wonderful Hong Kong. By choosing local based hotel reservation agencies in Asia you wll find the best room rates possible.

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