How to Stock Your Flea Market Booth With Great Items and Great Prices

Flea market vendors new and old need to be looking ahead to the sales to come and how to make sure they have the things their customers want in their booths.

Price Comes First

For the most part, when a customer comes up to your booth in the flea market they may like the items you have, but are going to decide whether or not they will buy from you on the price that you are setting for those items. Customers who are at a flea market are not looking for retail prices; they are looking for a deal, a great price that they can’t get anywhere else. That is what flea markets are all about.

So where do you get those prices? For those new to this arena there are usually two ways to go


If you have seen something for sale at a retail price, there is likely a wholesale price to go with it. Wholesale pricing is the price that those who are going to sell retail get from a manufacturer or distributor. These prices are well below the retail price, so you can price them up and make a great profit.

Finding a wholesaler can be easy or hard, that’s up to you. You could get online and search business by business through your area or you could bring in a wholesale broker to help you out. This is a company that will help you find all of the wholesalers you need in just one site.  


Liquidation items are another way to make a good chunk of money. Liquidation goods are usually from one of three categories – excess inventory, damaged items or returned items. Once the stores decide they no longer want these items, they offer to sell them off very cheaply, often below wholesale prices.

The key here is to make sure you know what you are getting. You want to make sure the items are still in working order and that you will be able to sell them off to your customers.

Remember the Seasons

We are coming into the perfect seasons to be stocking up your flea market booth. From Thanksgiving to Christmas and even New Year’s Eve, there are a lot of holidays on the horizon. Make sure you have the goods your clients want you to have from decorations to possible holiday presents if you want to increase your holiday sales.

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