How To Make Money: With No Investment, No Risk, & No Experience!

You want to make money, right? But the trick is how? You are not sure where to start. You don’t want to quit a job if you have one, even if it is not paying much. You do not have much (or any) money to invest, and even if you did, most investments are “risky”. Neither do you want to take on any liability or borrow any money. Still with me? Yeah, great, I have been down this road too. Maybe what I am going to explain further in this article will be a good opportunity for you, maybe not. One thing is for sure the company I am going to talk about is real, honest, and not a scam. To start with they do not want to sell you anything, and they don’t want any money from you. Still with me? Great, let’s move on.

What this article is about to describe is called an “affiliate program”. Think of it as selling on a commission basis, but without the “selling” part, unless you want to do “selling” in which case that is also an option, but only if you choose to, it is not a requirement of the program.

No investment is required, or even asked for. There is no risk, no fees, no obligations. You do not have to buy anything. There is no liability to assume. It is completely legal and ethical. You do not have to collect any money or even handle any money. They do not ask for any banking information, or credit card information. You will not be an employee of theirs, you will be your own “independent contractor”. (Sorry no health benefits, or pension plan.) Still with me? Great!

With this affiliate program, you can make $50 with just one click of a mouse, and it does not have to be your mouse, you do not even have to own a mouse or a computer, and you do not have to do the clicking! Sounds pretty easy so far, right? Let’s move on then!

The affiliate program is called the “WRS Affiliate Program”, and it is offered by a Canadian company called WRS Web Solutions Inc. They are also known by the name WRSBuilder, which is the name of their online website builder. Even though they are a Canadian company based in Canada their products are available to everyone anywhere in the world, as is this affiliate program. They are a legitimate company, with a sound reputation. They are federally regulated and you can find them on the Canadian Government website, (same as all Federally incorporated Canadian companies). Don’t worry, if you do not live in Canada, the $50 would likely be paid in US dollars by check.

WRS Web Solutions Inc., is in the website building and website hosting business, and also provides ecommerce online stores, so businesses and others can sell products online on the internet, in a choice of currencies. It is a competitive business, and the aim of their affiliate program is to make more people aware of what they offer, in hopes that they will buy a website (including an optional online store) from them. To interest you in helping them spread that word, they are willing to be generous in paying you a commission for every person who buys from them, that you send their way. They also have a tracking system to keep track of all of this. It is simply good business sense for them, and helps give you a chance to make money as well, and on top of that you are most likely saving the customer money by getting them a better product at a better price. Everyone is happy, business make money and governments collect taxes!

So, if you are still with me, still reading this, you are likely wondering how to learn more, right? OK, I’ll share that with you. Go to their website located at Have a good look around, explore, be curious, even do a free 10 day website trial if you like, just to see for yourself what the product is and what it does, so you can explain it a bit if you want to be able to talk about it, or even if you are just curious and want to educate yourself a bit for free. The free trial option is there to be used, and is completely free, no catch, no hidden agenda. See the hope is that by taking a free trial people will like the product and buy it, but to be free like that it has to be obligation free. Not very often do people get to try something or 10 days before they buy it, especially without having to give a credit card number! The free trial only asks for your name and e-mail address, as it must create a login ID for you. You can even build a real live website with the free trial and it will work for the ten days, then it will stop working unless someone (i.e. the person who created it) “buys” it. There is also the option to ahve a custom designed website. The names ad e-mail addresses are not sold, traded or given away. Anyways, I am getting side tracked here, it is really the affiliate program I meant to talk about not the capabilities of the product.

On the website, you will notice a set of menus on the top and bottom of every page. One of these menu items is called “Affiliate”, just click on it. Now you are at the affiliate page. Please explore and read the terms and conditions, as well as the other information, it explains it all.

If you decide to join the affiliate program (it is totally free and you can quit anytime), first write down your affiliate ID number and do not loose it, next enter your computer generated affiliate ID number provided on the screen into the right box on the form below, along with your name ,etc, and send it in. Now you are registered as one of the “affiliates”, which mostly means that now they know who to mail the check to if someone you send to the site buys a website from them.

The “how” you send someone to their website part, is totally up to you, as long as it is done “legally, ethically, and without misrepresenting the company or the product”. There are a lot of choices here. You can place a hyperlink or link (for short) on the bottom of all your e-mails. If you are not sure how to do this ask around or ask your e-mail provider. If you are lucky enough to own a website, you can place a ready made ad on the website. If you write articles or newsletters, you can place a sentence describing the product and a link in it to the website. If you do not own a computer, no worries, use the one at the public library!

If you are interested, and only “if” you can visit small businesses in your area and very politely ask them if they have a website and are interested in getting one. You can also make up fliers or cheap business cards and had them out (just don’t make too many at once and don’t spend a lot of money on it, just try a few at a time and see if they work before making more.) This is supposed to be an investment free type of article!

No matter what method you use to tell people about the website, and the fact that they can “quickly and easily create their own website in minutes (with optional online store) (or have it custom designed for them)”, be sure to include your unique affiliate ID number in the hyperlink, or else the company will not know that you sent those people, and it will not be able to pay you if they buy anything. If you forget everything else, remember that point!

Now, if you are telling people about the website and getting them to call it up on their web browser, have them go to their URL address window (the one on the top of the page which has the address in it which usually always starts with “http;;//”) and have them enter the website name “” followed the rest if text and your unique affiliate ID, this way the website will know you sent them, in case they buy a website, otherwise it will not know to pay you. It is important that you enter it exactly!!!!

So in summary this affiliate program may not be for everyone. Look it over, think about it, don’t rush in. If it seems to fit who you are and what you can do, then please feel free to give it a try. Don’t spend money trying to make money from it. Take your time and try different methods.

By the way I may not have mentioned it, but you can also make money by having other people become affiliates, as long as they generate sales, or the next level of people the get to joint the affiliate program make sales. It is not a pyramid scheme, merely a bit of honest multilevel marketing (MLM) added to make the affiliate program more interesting. It does not go any lower in levels than that, as far as your making money from it goes. See the website exact details. Making commissions is based on actual sales, not invetsments by yourself or others.

I hope you found this article interesting, and educational. Remember it is meant to be an investment free type of article, so don’t go spending money to try and make money, OK? If you try the program, think everything though and have fun with it. It is not likely to make you rich, but it might make you a few bucks, or a bit more, or maybe not. It is an honest and sincere, and actually very generous affiliate program, by affiliate program standards. I wish you all the best, have a great day!

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