Free Government Auctions – Finding Deals on Surplus and Seized Properties

If you have never participated in a free government auction then you are missing out on a lot of really good deals on seized and surplus properties. These auctions are free to the general public and only require that you are at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license. There is no cost to participate in these auctions; that is until you make a winning bid.

There are two types of government auctions; the seized property auction and the government surplus property auction. The types of items up for auction at these two types are different because of where they come from but you will find great deals at either type. You will also find auctions that combine a mixture of the two making for a better cross section of stuff to choose from.

A surplus auction is basically an auction of the stuff that federal, state, and local governmental agencies no longer want or need. These aren’t really high end items like you might find at a seizure or repo auction but it is in good shape and can be had for pennies on the dollar. You will find cars, trucks, boats, office supplies and furniture, computers, and in some instances even aircraft.

For top of the line items you can’t beat a seized properties auction. Those who walk on the wrong side of the law and get caught often find their personal property seized by law enforcement agencies. After these items are used in the prosecution of those who committed these crimes they are put up for auction to the general pubic. You will find sports cars, luxury sedans, high end SUVs, jewelry, real estate, electronics and a whole lot of other items for big discounts.

There is no profit motive for these government auctions. They simply want to recoup the costs of storing and processing the goods that end up on the auction block. This is why the starting bids are so low which can lead to great buys at hugely discounted prices.

You can also participate in the auctions online, which can make to whole experience that much more fun. The large online auctions sites keep constantly updated databases of auction locations and the items that are to be auctioned off. You can research everything to be auctioned off and decide which items you would like to bid on right from your computer. Once the auction starts you can bid online while keeping track of the proceedings.

You can also use the online portals to find auctions near you that you can attend in person. No matter your choice, bidding online or attending in person, you stand to save big when participating in free government auctions.

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