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Having no experience in the Oil drilling industry is not necessarily an obstacle to finding entry level offshore jobs. It is perfectly possible to get employed on an offshore rig for entry level offshore jobs without having worked on one before ( many of us were in that ship at one previous point ). There are actually many entry level offshore jobs available. It all depends on what you wish to do, and having the the correct contacts to get your resume in front of. The range of entry level offshore jobs and opportunities offshore include: Floormen or Roughnecks and Roustabouts, Crane Operators, Cleaners/Painters, Storekeepers, Rig Mechanic, Rig Electricians, Rig Welders, Rig Doctors , Cooks and Second Cooks.

However, most people looking to get into the industry are wanting to get employed on as a Roustabout or Roughneck, otherwise known as Floormen. Although it is perfectly feasible to get employed with no coaching or experience whatsoever, your chances of getting entry level offshore jobs are going to seriously increase if you have even a modest amount of industry training. Fortunately, there are a few programs available to help those without any experience gain a solid appreciation of the fundamentals of the job. Without a doubt, this can greatly assist getting employed; placement rates of these 1 to eight week programs are about 97%. Following are a few of the better programs.

Maritime Drilling Faculties – Maritime Drilling Faculties has a world-wide reputation in putting out graduates from their three week Floorman course that may start work as a Roustabout in an Offshore or Onshore environment. Training consists of drilling programs, hands-on rig training, and industry safety programs. Life talents and job readiness will be included in the program. The Certificates issued upon graduation, required in Canada, will permit you to start work anywhere in the world, straight away. They also offer complicated coaching that will permit you to move up to aid Driller and Driller.

Enform – Enform is another respected Petrol Industry coaching company. They’ve been in business for fifty years, and work closely with the Petroleum Industry, and aid their graduates in finding roles. Their 1 week Floorhand Redneck coaching program is meant to prepare people with little-to-no experience to work safely on an oil or gas well drilling rig. The student will gain a foundation of knowledge and skills through classroom lectures, talents coaching and drilling rig practice sessions, and will be prepared on completion to become an effective member of a drilling crew.

PetroSkills – PetroSkills is geared more for the Engineering side of things, and is the considered the bog standard for technical coaching in the Petroleum Industry. It’s the product of a consortium between the world’s biggest oil firms, and serves the industry by coaching a large range of technicians and engineers in the latest oil field and offshore technology.

Getting a foot in the door of the Offshore Oil industry by taking a few basic courses to learn the basics is an investment that will pay off instantly in the form of higher salary as well as a seriously increased appreciation of occupational safety. You’ll hit the job running, and your fellow employees will quickly see and appreciate that you will know what you do, and will not be a risk to yourself or others. When those basic abilities, save time looking for entry level offshore jobs by utilizing the industry insider contacts provided by the better offshore job finding services.

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