Finding Cheap Apartments in Atlanta

The word “cheap” has some unfortunate connotations, and the term “cheap apartments” may bring to mind visions of run-down dives with peeling paint, worn carpets and pest infestation.

The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth; there is an abundance of inexpensive rental units (or “cheap digs,” if you will) available in Atlanta, Georgia, that are modern, clean and well-maintained. The price of cheap apartments in Atlanta really depends on how far you’re willing to live from the congested downtown area and how much living space you need.

At the bottom of the price scale are studio apartments. To the uninitiated, a “studio” is a very small, basic, two-room unit in which the bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen are all in one area, with a small bathroom off to one side. These are very economical not only to rent (prices start at around $400 per month) but also in terms of utilities. Atlanta apartments for graduate students frequently fall into this category, and are ideal for those attending one of the area’s many colleges or trade schools.

Studio apartments in Atlanta tend to be 400 – 600 square feet and average around $510 per month – ideal for a single person who simply needs a place to eat and sleep. Rents can be somewhat higher closer in to town center, but when the cost and upkeep of an automobile is considered, one may find it much more economical to spend more in rent in order to avoid commuting costs (not to mention hassle).

The next level of Atlanta apartments in terms of rental price are of course, one bedroom units. One bedroom apartments in Atlanta are a typical choice of young married couples or couples without children; the privacy of a separate bedroom allows for entertaining (or for one to get away from the other at times!) A one bedroom apartment in Atlanta starts at around $550 per month, but can go as high as $1000, depending on location; the median price is about $650.

One bedroom apartments in Atlanta also vary in terms of square footage. Some are as small as 500 square feet; others may be as much as 1000. How much square footage will affect the rental price as well as the location.

If you are planning a move to the Atlanta area, it definitely pays to do some comparison shopping. Many apartments in Atlanta offer move-in deals (such as a free month), or are pet friendly (some limitations on size may apply). Many Atlanta apartments maintain websites, and even allow one to take a “virtual tour” of the units the offer.

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Anne Harvester works as a rental associate in the Atlanta area. She specializes in cheap apartments in Atlanta. If you are looking for apartments in Atlanta, Anne’s informative advice and knowledge of the area will help anyone find apartments in Atlanta to match their taste and budget.


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