Commercial Pendant Lighting For Retail Stores, Restaurants, Buildings, Country Clubs

Commercial pendant lights give you a broad spectrum of interior design options to pass on to your clients. Pendant lights are used creatively throughout a number of commercial environments and are available in both low voltage and high voltage options. This allows you to match a pendant light to any type of ceiling, interior architecture of the building, color scheme of interior design, and even the functional purpose of the overall ambient lighting scheme. The complimentary touch that commercial pendant lights add to commercial room styles makes them on of the most versatile categories of indoor lighting luminaires.

There are four major categories of commercial pendant lighting fixtures: Large (and multi light) pendants, mini pendant lights, bowl-shaped pendants, and foyer pendant lighting fixtures. Fixtures from any of these four categories make excellent accessory lighting sources that bring a blend of function and form reflective of a wide variety of commercial interiors.


Mini pendant lights are good for producing subtle lighting effects over special retail displays. When centered over a jewelry display case or a new fashion line, they work to magnify specialty display lighting with a subliminal, low key mystique.


Larger restaurants tend to space out their tables and provide elbow room for diners. Each table then becomes a private island of conversation and atmosphere. Large or multi light commercial pendants can be suspended over these tables creates a sense of special, personal space and to separate individual experience to an extent from the general surroundings.

Hotel and Building Lobbies

The hub of business for every hotel is the front desk. The more you draw the attention of guests toward this area, the more you attract them to the central place of exchange. Bowl shaped pendant lights work exceptionally well for this task. Fixtures with the open side down place the desk in a very bright light and make it clearly visible through the front window to guests pulling up outside.

Many large, multi-story office buildings also have a front desk area in the lobby. This desk often functions both as a concierge service and a security station. In buildings where restricted access is a safety priority, this area can sometimes look a bit too “police state” for employees who work in the building as well as for clients who visit the building. One way to soften up the décor just enough for create a sense of comfort to hang a bowl pendant light inverted over the desk. This creates a more diffuse, indirect light source that adds just enough of a decorative touch just enough to create some a sense of welcome and comfort for employees and visitors.

Country Clubs

Both foyer and mini pendant lights can be used in formal dining areas and private rooms in the clubhouse. In these environments, a highly decorative fixture is preferable to add to the sense of exclusivity and private membership. Very sturdy commercial pendant lights that can withstand exposure to the elements can also be installed on patios over outdoor tables, or even over the entrances to the building.

These are just a few examples of how commercial pendant lighting can enhance room style with accent light and fixture designs that offer their own color, pattern, and texture to the interior decorative scheme.

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