Best Fire Rings for Campgrounds

According to a North American firefighters’ association, campfire burns account for sixty-eight percent of the recreational burns requiring admission to a hospital. This amazing high statistic underscores the need for commercial and public parks and campgrounds to provide safe and durable fire rings. One other safety consideration: don’t use sand as the base for the fire inside the fire ring. Small children have mistaken the fire ring as a sandbox and been burned trying to play in a hot fire ring.

The New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control recommends that the diameter of fire rings not exceed four feet in diameter. A fire ring with a diameter of just twenty-seven inches is wide enough to accommodate standard length commercially available fire logs. A campground or park fire pit or fire ring area needs a ten-foot clear area around the perimeter for fire protection. The fire ring should be situated away from overhanging branches and dry grassy areas.

Here are some features to look for in the best fire rings for parks and campgrounds:

  • 27 to 48 inches in diameter
  • 7 to 12 inches in height or higher to contain the fire and prevent hot embers from escaping
  • ADA compatible fire rings are 19 to 24 inches in height for an accessible cooking surface
  • 1/8 inch 12 gauge steel or better construction that resists warping
  • MIG welded frame for strength and rigidity
  • Pin anchors to stabilize the fire ring
  • Fire grate constructed from ½ inch diameter steel bars or better

Safety is absolutely the most important factor when considering the purchase of new fire rings.  Including ADA compatible fire rings as well as traditional fire rings will ensure that everyone has access to a safe and functional outdoor cooking area.  Ensure that your fire rings meet certain safety protocol to keep commercial sites looking beautiful and staying safe.

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Pongo Jumps the Fire Ring.
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