A Review of Quick Paid Surveys

So we got to the Quick Paid Surveys site and was ready to do the review when all we kept reading was all this money you could make by joining them. Granted, this may be a lucrative business, but the days of hyped up headlines are pretty much over, at least in our eyes anyways. Instead we wanted to get down into the nitty-gritty of the sales page and really see if this is something we would share with our readers because it could be helpful.

The Beginning

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the beginning page is set up to squeeze a name and email address out of you. However, it’s an understandable process and one that was well worth handing over and email account. Just keep in mind that after you go through the process and submit your information there will be a link sent to your email that you must validate.

Once this is complete, the next page will appear, but don’t be alarmed when you see the same headline. It’s just a repeat performance of the previous squeeze page you gave your minimal information out to before reaching this point. Then it’s time to begin figuring out what it is that makes this site different from all the others and whether or not you’ll be using it for your next online business step.

Why Should You Get Started Immediately?

It’s a good question, but according to them there are at least five reasons to get started. The first deals with being able to make $5-$75 per survey. Next, well you might enjoy the focus groups that pay up to $150 an hour. If this isn’t your cup of tea then you might want to try the phone surveys that could make you $120 an hour. Then of course you might enjoy the product testing phase. Who doesn’t like to keep the products they try?

However, these are all normal when you go to many survey sites. While this may be true, it’s the last one that peaked our interest. Do you like movies? Can you imagine getting paid $4-$25 to watch new movie trailers. We don’t know about you, but if we had that job it would be like a dream come true. What are those things like 4 or 5 minutes long?

Our Overall Analysis

We understand this is all about you, but that’s why we wanted to go over what you would receive for your efforts. The only problem is we didn’t really go over anything else and there is an entire page worth of information on the Quick Paid Surveys system. As you continue reading you will be introduced to Sarah Cooper and the story behind the madness.

There are testimonials, examples, and a plethora of other things to help you make a decision to whether or not this is for you. So take your time, read everything over, and think about where this type of business can take you. Before it’s all said and done you may have found a new career, gotten rid of your J.O.B. and changed your lifestyle forever.

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