6 Month Cash Loans – Use Cash till Next 180 Days

There are short term and long term loans in the market. Some allows applicant to use money for only 15-30 days where as some allows more than that. A loan where applicant can get loan amount for duration of around 150 days is 6 months cash loan. This loan will bring cash to applicant’s door and applicant can use that amount for next 6 months without any tension of repayment.

In 6 month cash loans the loan amount can be received in 3 ways.

  1. Cash payment to applicant doors
  2. Cheque of loan amount
  3. Electronically transaction to salary account.

The applicant can choose the method that suits him most. This loan is available for US applicant who can meet following conditions.

  1. Age should be above 18 years.
  2. His average salary should be $1000 at least.
  3. He should be citizen of US only.
  4. He should have a salary account.
  5. He should have a S.S.N
  6. He should not be a bankrupt

Any applicant matching this profile will get the approval in no seconds. All he needs to do is to apply online. Fill the form and submit it to the lender of your choice. The internet will take application to the lender. Lender will approve the loan even if applicant has bad credit history. This is because lender is not going to do inspection about credit score. This loan does not require good credit score or collateral. Faxing and scanning has been removed.

The repayment is to be done after 6 months. Loan amount can be paid in two ways.

  1. Pay total amount at one time.
  2. Pay in small installment.

You have complete right to chose type of repayment option. However installment method can be proven expensive because of higher interest rates attached to more number of installments.

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