10 Best Reasons for Document Scanning

The days of storing paper records are quickly coming to an end. The process has taken many years but more and more companies are using document scanning to convert paper records to digital. If your company is a hold out here are 10 reasons to get scanning.

  1. Future Ready – In the past documents have been stored in a variety of formats. Some have fallen out of favor such as microfiche and microfilm. These records must now be converted a second time to digital format or be lost as microfilm readers become scarce. Digital records can be converted to any new format with software in moments going forward.
  2. Security – Privacy laws including HIPAA and FACTA require business to keep control over its private information. With electronic documents it is easier to maintain control. This is because security can be focused down to the document level and access changed instantly as job functions change. What each employee looks at can also be tracked.
  3. Disclosure Laws – Sarbanes-Oxley and other legal disclosure laws require business to quickly find all relevant documents requested. This process is easy with electronic documents.
  4. Disaster Recovery – What would be the consequences of losing all of your records? Most businesses only have one copy of their company records and store that on site. This puts you at risk for burglary, flood and fire. Scanned documents can be backed up to a remote server on a regular basis.
  5. Easy to Collaborate – Document scanning allows teams to work on projects across geographic areas. Company records becoming living documents that can be mined for valuable information.
  6. Go Green – Cut back on paper and ink for printing. Electronic records also require less energy to store than climate controlled records storage facilities.
  7. Easy to Distribute – Avoid the trouble of finding a record, making a copy and then sending it through the mail or FedEx. Remote employees and partners also have access to document near instantly with email. This is a big advantage for medical offices that are bombarded with requests from patients.
  8. Save Employee Time – Employees waste a great deal of time looking for records. They can be in their desk or in the official company records. Electronic records are more easily found via search functions. Electronic records also don’t require time to file after they are used.
  9. Reduce Space – Millions of scanned documents can be stored in a server. To store a similar number of paper documents would require rooms and rooms.
  10. Save Money – The last but definitely most important reason for document scanning is saving money. Cut your storage costs, the number of employees needed to maintain and retrieve records and improve everyone’s productivity.

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